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  • Pretty fascinating. Nice to see Ai rocking the advertising. Do you notice more people asking about the channel since wearing the T-shirts? That young sculptor has serious skill working with a drill bit. Marble is hard to work with professional tools.

  • Unusual practice 👍 Anthony Gels dad did a video about their life in a cemetery and left questions about the burial process. Thank you for showing this as it helped explain and fill in the gaps. 🙏Much love to you and Ai💕

  • The Spanish colonized the Philippines for 333 years. That’s why you see the Spanish cemetery. After that United States colonized the Philippines for 48 years

  • when the sun sets every part of my being would not want to be there feathers would sprout from my back and colonel sanders would deep fry me….most of us are soft

  • One of the benefits of being from a Filipino culture is “Death” is unflinchingly accepted as part of “Life”.

  • I spent a day in a cemetery like that, it was in Manila. The family was of wealthy Chinese descent, we spent an afternoon at the crypt of the grandparents, their crypt had a kitchen, CR and every comfort for life. They had a family living at their crypt to keep it clean, painted and working. We actually had “fake” money made with gold leaf, models of cars, televisions made of balsa wood and paper, we burnt those so the spirits could have them in the next life. It was an interesting day for me. I believe it coincided with All Saints’ Day. It was somewhere Paco Park in Manila.

  • Truly amazing. I suppose keeping an official record of the movement of bones is really not a priority. I would be p**sed if I was given someone elses remains to re-bury or relocate or even worse, not be able to find them.

  • This is unbelievable 😮what are they suppose to do with the bones! Not rebury them again, so why not leave it buried in the first place.

    • Nope. they are unearthed after 5 years for family members to claim. if no claimant, it just sits in that pile

  • That is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. Looks like they just dig you up and toss the bones in a rice sack.

  • It seems strange to rent but maybe they can’t afford cremation or to buy a plot, so this gives them a cheaper option. Also, they may not even believe in cremation. Also, I would bet that Spanish cemetery is on land formally controlled by Spain as they did occupy the Philippines. After they left, the gov. probably made it into a bigger cemetery.

    • I THINK Catholic based religion is anti cremation. Or, perhaps, families get into these 5 year contracts to give themselves some time to save money for something permanent but other life events got in the way after 5 years

  • Thank you very much Derek and AI. The welcome of the people was amazing.
    This carver has an amazing talent. Amping

  • We all eat food from the Earth. We all come from the Earth. At the end of our time, we all return to the Earth and rest 4 ever.

  • Nice video. When I was in the Philippines last month I was supposed to see my families cemetery in Iloilo. However we didn’t make the trip. It is so different here in the states however you have to understand and respect how other countries do their things. Humbled and respect is two great words to use.

  • When i lived in danbantian, we went to the cemetery and i learned there after the contract was up they take the bones out of the cript and transfer them in a smaller box and place them in a building they called the round house and when it fillies up they burn it in the round house to ashes ,then scatter them around the grounds 😊 i did a video about it 3 or 4 years ago, its a different world here😊

  • Omg so sad seems cold after 5 years disregarded into a sack. Do understand its so expensive to berry a loved one god bless them and families 😊

  • Even in death the meek are not spared from the misery of poverty, a final resting place a rental until the landlord cast you out for the next tenant, the one great equalizer is death, the certainty of all mankind and yet few give the management of their remains the deliberation and preparation it requires. Many forsake the Christian rite of burial in the former United States and are condemned to pagan cremation or worse Aquamation a process that liquifies the body before discharge into the sewer system.

    • @@qadventures having never died before I am unsure of how long pain receptors in the brain continue to function, so the idea of cremation and burning worries me, on the other hand if you know what a trocar button is or penile wire or anal glue, being embalmed comes with a few things, the scary thing is this mystery will be revealed. In many crypts and coffin niches you will find the concrete cracked this is caused by rubber gaskets in stele caskets holding in decay gasses until the pressure cause a small explosive burst that disperses biological material everywhere. CRISPR/Cas9 (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a technology that allows for the editing of genes within organisms. It is part of a wider group of technologies that allows scientists to edit genomes, and stop many diseases in their tracks and eliminating birth defects, the future will depend on harvestable samples from our ancestors, imagine if one of those discarded bags of bones could prevent a child from being born blind or deformed? or a great grand child?

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