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  • My partner nursed her mother until she died of cancer when she was supposed to be at elementary school. Father was murdered. Never was registered. We had to go to do a late registration when she was 25.

    • @@qadventuresHi guys 👋🏻😘, Thanks for your replies, You have done so much for the lovely Ken..🙏🏻, You are both beautiful hearts ❤️❤️🙏🏻

  • My Grandfather never got past 6th grade and faced many challenges but he read the Dictionary and Encyclopedia and any newspaper he could get his hands on as he ended up very well off. So my suggestion might be to get her a “Tutor”, and access to a computer as she could Home school herself so not to miss out and have the time between now and next year go to waste as it is ALL about the “Desire to Learn and remain Teachable”. Some can learn a “Trade” or vocation but to truly get ahead nowadays you Must go to school

    • Ask Benigno Aquino about being wealthy? Oh wait, he was assasinated in 1983. You are wealthy if you were a Marcos supporter or appeared to be and in the upper middle class. Speak out against him at the time and you are killed. The poor has always been poor in the Philippines. This is not the only country that faces this situation. The politics in the Philippines is volatile and deadly, but it’s difficult to really oversee a nation that has a diversity spread across 7000+ islands. Not making excuse for nations that have terrorists in certain areas, but looking at Mindanao (this comes from information from the web I read about a few years ago) it was a region mostly occupied by Muslim people, which my co-worker argued that it was always Philippine majority (do your own research). You can’t help but go to drastic measures when your land and beliefs get taken away. Look at the most recent conflict between Israel and Palestine (look at what the maps were like over time) Palestine has lost almost all its land to Israel. Sorry went way off topic, but history repeats itself and dominant cultures and leaders usually prevail and be the wealthy ones. Communism is a facade, a true communist state would not have one wealthy person, why does it have Oligarchs? Shouldn’t they stand in food line with everyone and get paid the same amount? hmmm… sorry my $0.34. About the video @qadventures I liked it, but for me, it would’ve been good to get approval from a parent or guardian or an adult first. If I had children, I personally would not allow direct questioning of my children without my approval… you should ask yourself if you would personally allow anyone to question your child and post a youtube video about it online. Disregard if you did have approval. Aloha and mahalo!

  • When we talk about the social problem in Philippines to day, we are not talking about their idea, we are talking about their lives the reality of their life.

  • Apparently enough money for spray paint for graffiti. See that in every poor neighborhood in the world. Always amazes me because spray paint isn’t cheap. Smokes, tattoos, spray paint… always money for the necessities.

    • @@c.a.sreacts About $6 USD. About 2 days wages for many Filipinos. But it’s more that a can of paint and a brush would be much cheaper. So using spray paint seems like a luxury buy.

    • @@qadventures Or even if the spray painted graffiti was done by some who chose to access the spray paint for free prior to their moving in? This could happen to bored young ones that are left to fend for themselves. Obviously some choose to live a moral life and some don’t. I would be concerned that a 12 year old girl left alone with young boys (or men) could get into a circumstance that becomes a problem for her. It is a great idea to help her access education. Thank you for all you do.

  • I can’t believe these kids are basically raising themselves without parental support – and yet they seem to be very well behaved and respectful of their elders. Good luck helping these kids out since they appear very worthy of your assistance.

    • i may be wrong and it would not be the first time, but most of these people on YouTube survive by subscribers and viewers donations,therefore it would not be their generosity but the viewers and subscribers.

  • The country and the people all do not live in BGC..
    This is real life..
    AND not many ways to get out of it..
    Good project coming up there mate…

    • Thank you, Slim Jim. Couldn’t have said it better myself. And her family lives, literally, behind 6 different dive resorts

  • Derek 👍👍👍I hope you can help this girl get her papers, as I know not having them will only make her life more difficult.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you look around that there are many more kids like this.
    if you find it’s a common issue perhaps you can petition the government authorities to have 1 day every 2-3 months where they operate outside their normal hours to make it possible parents to resolve these types of issues.
    You might even find that by getting more kids registered it improves the funding situation for the schools as often government school funding is based on the number of know kids in the area. If that’s the case getting better funding for the school might help all the kids in the area 🤞

  • What a beautiful girl, inside and out. That place needs fixing. Hopefully the roof is still well supported. Those holes can be patched easily with tar aluminum tape. Breathing in moldy air can’t be good.

    • Hi Rob. I apologize if we made an appointment to meet, but I don’t have anything in my calendar that I have a meeting today. I am also attending to Ken today as we have received notification of his petition approval yesterday so my day is filled

  • Such a nice happy girl I hope she gets everything she needs for school and everything in life it is so sad her situation but she has a good outlook on life already and she is very positive and happy I pray for her her and her family I thank you Derek and AI for seeking her out and helping her you guys are good people and I will continue to watch your videos Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for everything you both do sincerely Dennis James from New Jersey

  • There are so many houses in that shape over there . People in the west have no idea what real poverty is ! I never did until I started going to the Philippines it’s heart breaking . My wife and I take care of a disabled little girls needs and help her grandparents out every month with food and clothes . I think you have found your calling in life with your channel helping people out and I pray that your channel grows huge so you can keep helping people that really need it your doing the lords work helping out the people you do . I truly believe you saved Kens life bless you for your kindness and helping humanity . Need more people like you in the world .

    • You see right through me. You are on the dot. As my channel grows more, I am able to contribute more to society

    • I’m doing all I can in my wife’s town over there . The hardships I see breaks my heart wish I was rich so I could do more . When I retire over there I want to teach welding to people that have no future other than working manual labor . @@qadventures

    • Although I have said on camera I will give the mother 1k to get her birth certificate, and I did…

      My motive is to help individuals and families to become independent; not just throw money into a situation with hopes of the problem going away without a plan. I am still trying to solve her birth certificate issue

  • Hello Derrick, Ken appears to be unsecured but still open to talk and speak her mind out. Watch your blogs and note she is subconciously
    Covering her face ( mouth & nose ) as you’re talking to her. Her eyes 👀 tells me she is smart and knows what things are all about around her. Thank you for reaching out to try and get them pointing in the right direction.

    • You are absolutely correct. She is clever and conscious about her surroundings which fascinated me. She covers her lower face.due to her dental neglect and hygiene.

  • We have to be careful as westerners to not judge the poverty lives of others in other countries .

    It would be good to raise money on here to help them get a new roof.

  • One thousand to be able to have her birth certificate is not enough. Maybe, around P3K will get the job done. Fare & some copies, xerox to be prepared included.Let us hope some generous followers can help this poor child.

  • Last year I’ve spent 4 months in Cebu. When I saw the people, the misery all around I’ve said to myself and to others, what the hell all the Europeans and American colonists came there for? Was any gold in the banana trees they came for? I hate the colonists and the politicians of those country who came to exploit, kill and make the life of these people more miserable. The only help could come from within for these people, a communist government like in China or Vietnam to draw some economic development plan for these countries and people because capitalism is not working and it will never change the life of these people. Unfortunately any country that will try that will meet the US intervention to kill such good intent like they usually do allover the world…sad…

    • How is Japan and South Korea doing today? And Communism is NEVER the answer. I’ll tell you what the problem is with the Philippines. Its CULTURE. Whoever tells you otherwise, ask them for your money back.


    • @@lawler-ex-sfodd that’s what I’m saying, capitalism does not work in this culture, you need a strong hand to start a change, whatever you call it.

  • Bleach removes the appearance of mold but does Not destroy it! To destroy mold at its root you need to use a gallon of white vinegar, remove enough to make room to add a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Mix together. This will kill the mold/mildew.

    • They look at it as cost and time they don’t have. It’s purposeless anyway, invest all that time and mold will come back in weeks due to climate and tropical climate here

  • Derrek, any way you could carry around a bit of kibble for these poor animals? I know there are greater problems at work there, but just a couple handfuls of some dry dog food? I know the vid isn’t about that topic. But when a family can’t feed itself then any pet, especially one that can’t go scavenging for food really is forced to suffer.

    • Unfortunately, the parents had other ideas after accepting our money. It is sad, but she is only 12 and nothing we can do if the parents do not want to cooperate. We will be helping her older sister with a business and maybe the sister will help her

  • There are so many kids on the street and living in houses etc just like this. It is a big issue in the Philippines. I can’t wait to get back into the Philippines so I can help my family more and help others. Your doing a great helping people. Your heart is big. You see so many issues in the Philippines because it is right in front of your face there. Here in the states it seems to be here but hidden. Go to Metro Manila near Baclaran church and see how many kids are without parents housing food etc. Walk the over passes near any major malls you see the same it is a big crisis.

    • It’s ok now. My original video with EdMarie is precisely the same as this one except for the person on camera.

      However, may I ask you to send me a private message via whatsapp or messenger in case for the future I need such assistance? Both platforms are +1-1-626-626-6347

  • Hi Princess AI & BUDHA D👋. Been MIA my brother sorry 🙏. Kann is such an adorable young lady who deserves to be recognized as a Filipina citizen 👍👍😉. Past is gone now time to help this angelic girl out👍 Your kind donation is a beautiful gesture my brother👍🙏😘. U2 are amazing Angels from God 😇. By the way BUDHA D did that 2X4 knock some sense into you head of just wake up the brain cells?? 😂 Much respect & love ❤. Chat on the livestream later on👍😉Blessings 🙏🌸🌼🌺

  • i just watch the video of her sister again you are a saint thank you for doing the things that I wish I and a lot of other can not do thank you

    • Sure… please note on PayPal that it’s for “Kann” so I know the instructions. I am also leaving to Thailand in a few hours so I will deliver it to her family (she’s a minor) when I return after the 16th of Dec

    • @qadventures  Just sent $100usd. I forgot to leave note the$ is for KANN …please give it to her for me… Thank you and have a nice trip!

  • Does the parents need money for registering the daughter’s birth? Or is it only that they require the time to get it done?

    • They need a salary replacement and travel expenses to go back to their province where she was born to get it accomplished

  • I would have given them 2 years of rent to make life easy for them and money for food, I feel bad for them kids. Fair play to the parents working so hard for the kids

  • Guys if you can afford it, please assist Derek in his endeavor of helping the less fortunate. I believe all they need is a start to rise up from the situation they are in right now. Thank you Derek for the Great work you are doing. God bless you and Ai.

    • I’m in it for the education aspect. Teach them how to break certain traditions and think independently. But also please understand my failure rate is high

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