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  • mega resorts should be made to pay a percentage of their profits to local poor people to have better housing and clean land areas

  • I liked the tour, gives a different perspective of the life of a people there. I grew up similar to that.

  • Gosh that area has changed so much. Dated a lady who’s sister lived down the road from Tambuli back when it was divided into East and West. They used to offer day passes and I tried it one time. Stood up for her wedding which was held at Bluewater resort. Thanks for the effort Mr. D, will contact you next time I’m in town!

  • Inadvertently, you captured the essence of the Philippines. First the sheer ugliness Not a single well made structure , no footpath , rubbish strewn haphazardly. Next , the luxury resorts inhabited by Filipinos who pay minimal taxes that would alleviate the wealth discrepancy.
    The central theme of government is to push everything into the private sector , thereby minimising taxation Think education, health , beaches, transport libraries Defence also if they could find a way.
    And the result is what we see , hardly a peso spent on public amenity but sitting next to private opulence

  • A good look at how the locals survive . I came over to your Chanel from scoundrel scotties Chanel. just subbed. Greetings from Weeki Wachee.

  • Everyone should see this to gain perspective and compassion. Most people in the West have way more than they need and waste more than most Filipino people will ever have. It has been very humbling for me being here around these noble people who will always have my respect and kindness.

    • Thank you for the word of support, cyndi. Please continue to tune in to observe my philanthropy progress and adventures in the Philippines

  • New Subscriber, it was awesome seeing Scott’s stay with you. Love your channel, you are a great dude, really refreshing in today’s culture!👏👏👏

  • Great video
    I experienced same upbringing, where tourisim did not benefit the locals, and very few cared.
    Nice to see Derrick seeing thru this, and giving someone a chance who has the hunger to succeed

  • A great content about that amazing country. The people are nice and friendly. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Greetings from Dominican Republic 🇩🇴.

  • Hey Derek. These are the kind of videos I like to see. The real native life in the Philippines. Love it.

  • Hi Derek, I admire your courage as you face the reality of poverty in the Philippines and make real efforts to assist locals in improving their lives. You are making a real difference. Stay Blessed.

    • You know Johnny… with the outpour of support from the YouTube community, I have talked to Ai yesterday to move Eric, his partner and son in to occupy 1 of our rooms. We have more than enough, have proper supportive community now, Eric has proved himself to be an honest young man, there isn’t a reason why we should hold back

    • @Q Adventures Great to hear back from you Derek. I hope you are richly blessed for the kind work you’re doing for Eric and his family. I hope I can meet you in person when I visit the PH in a year or so. Stay Blessed

    • 100%. I came from Los Angeles. Philanthropy is much cheaper here and I am not exposed to liability. Ppl are not grateful back home so I am here

  • Wow! Thanks for going out for a long walk on a hot day! While I’m a bit sadden to see real life around Cebu I’m glad that you are doing something about it. I may move to the Philippines someday and want to do something to help also. Keep being positive! Wish you health and happiness.

    • Yes. I encourage you to come to the phils. The locals won’t take pity from us. They are happy the way they are. Meanwhile, thank you for your support of my channel, Eric. Let me know if I can help with anything in your grand scheme to move here in the future

    • Yes Christopher. There are many ways. I have my contact info in the “About” section. You can contact me for details. You can help with cash donation from afar, send tools that are laying around at home without use via a Balakbayan Box or if you are physically here, help with your time and effort

    • @Q Adventures Thanks a lot my friend. I need to get involved somehow. I came over in Easter for the second time! I absolutely love it and need to get myself there more permanently. I love the videos of how the locals live. 👍👍

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