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  • Very insightful video, Q. As a westerner, it’s easy to take simple things for granted. From the tightly packed living space to seeing her father weave that furniture by hand, it felt good seeing all the smiles from such hardworking and humble people.

  • Eye opening tour. They don’t think nothing of the way it looks. Still happy people. Wow and all they wanted is to see the foreigner and the camera 🎥. 😊

  • Very insightful. My attention was drawn to the construction of the living quarters and the severity of problems that would be caused by a severe storm. Problems a westerner won’t have at home.

  • It what I would expect of filipino living life still. And there’s nothing wrong with it. I like to see it. Would I want to live like that, no. Only if I had to. Mine would be a tent. A step down from there living conditions. If a person has lived like that all their lives, would not miss living in a big house.

  • Poverty is obviously very difficult, but considering their economic situation, this community looks great imo. People are smiling, children are taken care and fed, and I bet everyone tries their best to lookout for each other. I’d take this situation over the zombified street homeless communities of some countries I’ve seen any day.

    Edit: Hey Derek, could we get a direct link to your airbnb tho?

    • I grew up in poverty for many years in the barrios. Ghetto. My mother and father had healthy marriage and life was peaceful. I never knew how poor I was until I went to the university with full scholarship because I had great grades. I would take poverty any day over a dysfunctional community and family. This community looks happy.

    • I too have seen some (not all, of oourse) economically impoverished communities “do well” in some ways regarding neighbors looking out for one another and extended families taking care of one another . In places wherein I noticed good community-mindedness, even with food a bit scarce, people found ways to mostly make sure beans & rice and sometimes canned fish were available to everybody… so not much food variety, but little to no starvation. Poverty is difficult to get out of since usually it takes money to make money. I’m not rich at all, and I come from America’s NorthEast, where people value privacy and families traditionally stay out of one-another’s business. So, when I visited places considered more “economically disadvantaged” in South America, Africa, & the Caribbean & saw the people-helping-people modality, it made my heart feel something…

    • My wife didn’t realize she lived in poverty. She thought it was just life and that others had it worse.

    • 😉 my gf Ai is still messing with the editing. They were just playing and Luchelle Mae asked me to use this specific photo because she felt pretty

    • @Q Adventures I understand she’s spoken for as of today. Not surprising. I watched the interview on Ai’s channel and WOW she is going to be a great adventure partner in life for anyone. As you visit her often it would be cool if you updated us on how Luchelle gets along. Let’s go!

    • Funny—-“you have husband “. “How old are you? “Where’s your bf”😂😂😂😂. But no, he wasn’t looking for pussy

  • Crazy. In the western world a man earning $90kUSD per year and having a three bedroom house with lots of land paid for in full is seen as a bum and a loser by most ladies.

    • @Q Adventures It’s sad for sure. Ladies have super insane high standards yet have very little to offer besides the obvious. I know many ladies older than me that can’t even cook. Me as a man could cook before age 10.

    • @valmir144 Before tax that’s what I make. All western ladies see that as a bum on welfare income though.

    • @Anime Starlord i agree with you. i am in the 80s plus. and i am invisible. i have been to ph. entirely different. my philapina is proud to have me.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful words James. I DID put a PayPal link on my video for any VOLUNTARY donations

  • Nice people and all happy , I don’t see poverty I see people who are happy with what they have . And she seems like such a sweet girl even she’s abit shy, maybe next time I get near there I will take a look also 😊

  • Good job bro … you have a lot of patience… I just wish in this so called high tech world we prioritized for locations like this with respect to sanitation and water … everybody should have access to a clean environment…

    • Yes brother. I am in the early phases of learning about my new home environment. I have already taken 1 kid under my wings. More to come, but need to understand the big picture 1st

  • That’s just everyday life in the Philippines. I would not consider that poverty. I’ve seen places way worse than that. Sad but true.

    • Yes i agree this is not poor,its more like very local. Atleast
      They are not homeless like in USA. A first world country with homelessness problem

  • Did I just hear you utter a partial German sentence: “Das ist die” reality of life in the Philippines? Are you German? I was wondering about that, listening to you.

    • Oh no… never been to German. English is my 4th language so I might have stuttered something that coincidentally sound like German 😊

  • I have lived in the Philippines on and off since 1987 My son 32 half Filipino, here is the BIG problem , due to decades of TOTAL corruption there and the Filipinos will, not get together and protest they simply put there head down and carry on, to some extent this is a HOME-GOAL from the Filipino people, and the GANGSTER Filipino Governments know this,,,there is your POVERTY answer…ingat Ray in the UK….Ps make as many videos about Poverty there as you likee, as long as the Filipino people just take it, it will never end..simple lang

    • I get your point and appreciate the perspective. I know I cannot solve the “problem”. But I still will contribute to filipino society by being as involved as I can. Please continue to support my channel to observe my progress.

  • newly subscribed.. I’ve visited PH twice.. I’m fascinated about the Filipino durability and happy demeanor.. I believe they do also have a strong immune system and guts of iron.. I’m 7 months into selling most of my stuff to move there at the end of the year… thanks for filming and posting..

    • @Q Adventures thanks.. I saw you on regular guys video.. my next visit is late June.. plans are to be on Leyte, but if I make it to Cebu I will look you up for sure..

  • Thanks for a good calm vid, not rushed and respectful and keeping it real, the women and kids seem more open to you than the men, thinking they are bit more embarrassed (probably wrong word there) with rich westerner in their most, new subscription from Uk, coming to Phils October, keep on keeping it real bud❤

    • Thank you for the support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if I may be of assistance to anything in cebu. We have accommodations and bike rental catering to foreign nationals with next level customer service 😀

  • Philippines is a shambles….people stuck in the familiarity of poverty only able to do today what they did yesterday……..I was attracted to this video by the click bait picture of the girl wearing a bra or bikini top posing for the camera in what appears to be a hotel room 😎

  • hi bro Michelle is a beautiful woman i love (umapad) mandaue been going there from 2016 i have friends that are like family to me i dont recognise that part of mandaue and i know it prety well would love to meat up when i get back if you want hope to here back from you soon

    • For sure brother. I always have a hard time pronouncing filipino barangays, but she’s near the new bridge in mandaue. And I’m literally 100ft before Tambuli Resort. I have a motorbike rental business here so I am not going anywhere. Look forward to meeting you when you come back.

    • @Q Adventures that sounds like paknaan ??? or looc part ??? i do have a youtube chan as well if you want to have a look bro i have mandaue videos on it as well i norm at c,batiller street near J&J FROZEN STORE i do the likes of dj systems and solar and water tower things i look forword to meeting you

  • The crazy thing is that she smiles more than anyAmerican woman I’ve ever met. Such a sweet girl.

    • Lapu-Lapu City JJ. If you need anything like accommodation or bike rental, I have it available. And if you need tourist activities like jetski, parasailing, etc. I got some juice with the locals here in Lapu-Lapu

  • Residential trash collection is free (provided by the city) everywhere in the Philippines. Littering is just part of the culture.

    • Yeah I was surprised to learn that. I just happened to be chatting to someone online there and asked them how their trash collection worked and they said it’s free, they take the bags to a collection point in their neighborhood. I looked online and found the whole country is that way. Makes sense because few would pay for it if it was optional.

    • @Darrell W. Hayes It’s Labogon in Mandaue City, classified as a 1st class highly urbanized city in the Philippines. In developed countries if someone says “I live in the city” yeah that’s not how you picture it.

    • @S Dickinson – Well, someone once said that it falls at the feet of the government. No one in that country wants any foreigner to say one bad thing about the Government of the Philippines nor the People of the Philippines; and just accept that “It is our Culture.” And so it is such that the non-hidden garbage 🗑️ and the abject poverty shall forever remain either worse or the same until the Philippines People themselves rise up and look at both with no longer tolerable disdain… 😏

  • You can clearly see the humble, respectful, unspoiled beauty of her attitude and demeanor. Although these people have very little in material wealth, they’re always smiling and have a great attitude. The western world, which has become spoiled rotten with consumerism, can learn alot from the people of the philippines

    • @Manuel dela Cruz Dont try and elevate the Philippines by trash talking the US. At least I have never seen grandmothers trying to sell their granddaughters in Philadelphia or old homeless women on the streets of Los Angeles completely topless. At least I have never met a beautiful girl in her 20s that had 3 kids, and NO drug problems in the US that had to prostitute herself for $30 a night just so she could feed her kids in the US.

    • It is because they never had anything in the first place. I am sure if you plunked them down in the US they would eventually succumb to are commercialism.

    • @Lou Mason I’m not sure what your point is, was there one? You do realize he is there with his partner and not picking up girls right?

    • I’m from Australia (the lucky country,apparently) and I’ve been to the Philippines many times,love the place,the people,the lifestyle and now have many friends there big and small,the kids call me tito or po and I love it and them dearly.The first time I went there I learned exactly what you have commented and it hit me like a train how these beautiful people have next to nothing and maintain such a beautiful attitude,yes we are spoiled rotten and still not happy,cant’ wait to get back there soon,god bless the Plilippines.

    • @lesb7679 yes. The Philippines takes time to understand. I am still learning after a yr in. Everyday, I am fascinated

  • I never got to see her in the outfit on the title page 😢 How old is lachel anyways
    She’s so hot
    And us as Americans don’t relieze how lucky we are❗️ But yet so many Americans you walk by everyday have a frown on there face

    • She’s 18, Cowboy. the thumbnail was Luchelle’s selection as she felt pretty in this photo that she took while photography each other with my gf Ai.

  • You’ll here some of Em say that Africa is a country is poor,too hot, uncivilized, i feel sorry for this people they’ve good good personalities bcoz they know the meaning of life they’re humbled.

  • Great 👍 video and insightful view into lives of the people . I was just in Cebu for 2 weeks staying in the IT Park area and did not get to experience this side of Philippines. Thanks for sharing it .

  • The government is at fault for the pollution. The people where they should not have to pay to have trash picked up. I live in Negros oriental and our trash is picked up weekly and no one has to pay extra for this service.

  • It’s incredible how they can still smile despite their situation.
    Thanks for the insight in your video, it helps a lot to open our eyes on how lucky we are in the west and we still not capable to smile like these people.

    • Because you’ve been raised to feel like you have to have money or you can’t be happy. Those families are closer than our families, and they are happier than our families. So they should be feeling sorry for you.

  • I went to the Philippines a couple months ago and boy was it a culture shock… But after spending time with the locals I was amazed at how happy they are.. The lives are very simple.. The poverty back there is very sad But they do the best they can It’s an amazing country to visit

  • This is a perfect example of why I intend to spend a large amount of time in an area like the Philippines when I retire shortly, I would rather spend money there and help those people by doing so, thanks for sharing.

  • Let’s put another race in these same circumstances and they would be tearing each other apart with rampant crime and murder (Brazil? others?) What is the secret here? I have been to Tondo and other parts of the Philippines at least 5 times. I am amazed and humbled and return home a better person.

    • 100% agreed. Brought my son here 7 yrs ago when he was 10 and IT humbled him… the Philippines is a magical place for all age, race and backgrounds

  • She might also be shy because of her teeth. I have lived with poor Filipinos on Leyte for four years, they are good people.

    There are over nine million family’s that do not get three good meals a day, and if the children are added in the total is about 45 million people in Philippines.

    Most of my neighbors are in bamboo houses, and have no electric or gas stoves.

    • @Q Adventures most poor Filipinos only know that a tooth can be pulled. I have told several about dentist being able to fill and repair cavities. They had never heard that this could be done.
      Cost is only about 3000 pesos for an x ray and to fill two teeth. I have paid for two fillings plus a four bridge denture this year. The big smiles after the dental trips were
      worth the cost.

  • How can the Phillipines be so poor yet South Korea is becoming a power house in Asia? I was born in the Phillipines, but my family emigrated to the US when I was still a toddler. The economy in the Phillipines has gone down since the 70s. One thing they have to focus on is building industry and infrastructure. There is too much focus on religion and making babies. In much of the Phillipines, you see many kids “galavanting” around when they should be in school. Too many people making kids without the long term plan on how to raise them well.

    • @deanc2000 this issue is much more complex than what I can offer you as an answer. However, I feel joy for your family and how well you are raised. God bless

  • Filipinos prove that you do not need much to be happy, us westerners are so spoiled by luxurious things that we constantly take for granted. After visiting my girlfriends province in Pangasinan it gave me a total new perspective on life. I’m so grateful to be apart of such a beautiful family and out of all the countries in the world that I’ve visited, Philippines really is the best experience I’ve ever had in terms of travelling, the people are so nice! I cannot wait to settle there in the near future and build a beautiful family with the love of my life. Thanks for the video, I thoroughly enjoyed it. You’ve just gained a new subscriber from Wales 🙂

    • @Q Adventures Wasn’t against you. It was more against how some people say Filipino do not need much or are all happy and smiley and the wording is written in such a way as if life is full of rainbows despite the poverty.
      It is not. Having grown up in Asia, i know how bad the abject poverty is there. If the Filipino’s look happy and smile then that is testament to their spirit but there is a reason why Filipino’s have such a high diaspora working for peanuts abroad. The expats are spending $$ so they don’t feel the bad economic situation and the poverty feels like a sightseeing trip for the expat. For the locals, it is pretty bad. I mean the girl in this video lives in a shack with 7 other people.

    • @Gallowglass please go ahead and do. I would love to see you thrive in that grinding poverty.
      The one thing you probably will have is more safety because Filipino’s, despite their struggles, are not out there wildly and blindly shooting at each other.

    • @Galactic_spectator I’d rather live in a place where people are decent and hard working than in a lawless violent ghetto.

    • @Gallowglass we all do and should.

      However, all the glitters is not gold and esp. not in poor Asian slums.