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    • @Q Adventures It is the same thing with all the videos i have watched, Relax and let other people speak that is how you interview guests! Cheers!

    • @todd sterling think you will find, a lot of Filipinos can understand but don’t want ( nose bleed ) or anxiety ,so Derick helps fill the gaps

    • @todd sterling i think this particular video isnt about interviewing guests. its an update video to let us know the situation.

  • Derek, now that moving is a requirement, I understand better than the solution that you provided is even more practical now because it has become a temporary fix. You made the most out of what you had to deal with. Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.

    • Thank you. Context is a plenty and it comes out with time. I also learn new facts with every visit

  • Derrick, it’s a shame Marilyn have to leave what u helped support and build for her and family. Hopefully u can continue to support after takeover.👍

    • For $260 to get over 12 months of comfort, I believe it’s totally worth it. They will also harvest the materials there when time comes. Myself and a group of expats will jump in to help them build from start when the time comes

  • Bruh — You don’t need to justify any of your actions … #ever … nor explain your whereabouts… unfortunately social media attracts the lowest of the low … but don’t let that distract you from your journey nor your personal time …

  • Hi U 2👋. Never easy having to move let alone rebuild there home 🏠. Hopefully the government will help out in a monitory way 🙏. There is time at least to see if we your viewers can help out and make there new home 🏠 a beautiful 😍 one they are proud of. Marylyn is a very pretty young lady😉Blessings🙏🌺🌸🌼

    • 5k pesos (about $100usd) is the most the government will help, IF they have the budget and they never do.

      I also have a group of expat friends with contractor and building experience. We will band together to build her family something better, but still practical as they will still NOT own the land at the new place and can get evicted again

    • @Q Adventures Good 👍 to know brother. As always your care,concern, and help is appreciated by the people you help and I personally appreciate all you 2 do!! I like 👍 you am always helping neighbors or friends out no matter what. Giving help, money, or a shoulder to cry on is such a wonderful feeling I enjoy. I’m sure with your group helping out and donations this home 🏠 will be a wonderful place to live in👍🙏. Blessings 🙏🌸🌼🌺

    • @Q Adventures Do they have trailers there? Like flat trailers. the house could be built on the trailer deck and then wheels removed and set on blocks. If ever it had to be moved it could be

    • I also help men, Bob. The very 1st person I took under my wings, I got burned. A recovered alcoholic trying to rebuild his travel agency, I also helped. Got burned again. Ai’s nephew, we donated a bike to and continue to pay gor his college expenses

    • I hope this was not meant in a bad way. I am sure Derek is happy with his wife (she is very cute) and not interested in any of the girls that he helps.

  • I am glad you provided an update. Looking forward to helping as she moves next year. How old is Marilyn and what grade is she in? Trying to figure out when she will go to college.

  • Derek, you did a good job. I’ve seen way worse out on smaller islands. I saw huts made with wood from ammo crates and bamboo. Sometimes like you said you do what you can. I will enjoy and do my best to follow your lead where ever I end up settling in Philippines. You are an awesome person.

    • https://www.paypal.com/donate/?business=22UU6PNDQLGKC&no_recurring=0&currency_code=USD

      A website is also under construction to better track the separate families

  • So sad to hear this news. Hopefully they will have a better life next year in there new location.

    • Don’t take this as a sad thing. It’s normal here for communities like these. But there is a solution. For Marylyn’s family in particular, I already have some expats with building and contractor experience to help build something at her new place. It’s more sweet than bitter

  • I dont think theres much of a “building code” in that part of the country, at least not enforced. Im sure the people do the best they can with the materials they can get. It looks alot better than before

  • gel put out a very good video today, but it was so sad that young girl should still be in hospital, how do they get her up and down that hill

  • That’s the definition of the word ” Squatter”. People squat on land that didn’t belong to them temporary, if and until the government wants them back and hopefully would be provided with another piece of land to relocate.

    • Not at all, Hank. It’s normal for these families here. Look from the bright side, we have an expat community ready to jump in and help with her new place. 12 months from now, they would be upgrading in a sense

  • Derek, you could have done a better job. There was no reason to revisit or defend how you did it. It is the past.

    • Options are limited with these kinds of neighborhoods. I’m the glass half full guy. I see a better home and better future 12 months from now

    • She didn’t express to me about distress. In the matter of fact, she and family felt more comfortable that she has an expat and my YouTube supporters ready to jump into action as soon as a new place is appointed. We even have temporary shelter in place if need be. Majority of locals in similar situations don’t have same resources

    • We spoke with her and her father before hand. Marylyn was there to correct me if I was off. She understands me but to verbalize her thoughts, she’s hesitant

    • The eviction info came about after the fact…. I wouldn’t change a thing even if we knew before hand. The girls still deserve an enclosed living quarter for 12 months

    • before that wood the kids literally had curtains on some walls and nothing on others, they were completely exposed to the elements. The wood could always be reused at the new location if it lasts the year.

  • Thanks for the update 👍 Staying optimistic even in light of bad news helps nurture the soul and make the best decision moving forward for sure. Much Love and prayers. 🙏😇

  • You did what u could Q this is the Philippines codes are a suggestion lol If you watching from the US you don’t get it this is the Philippines after all
    Got to be here to get what u must do good on you for helping this family

    • You said it best… screws, anti moisture, anti mold, barriers, etc etc… you have to experience here to understand why all these are not practical for the locals

  • Great work Derek, when you’re in the field it looks different on YouTube. We know there’s much more behind the scenes being done.

  • Very Frustrating that they have to move. I think you did a great job improving this place. Hope the move over the next 12 months goes as smooth as possible. Still so frustrating for you but so much for them :(.

    • Not necessarily frustrating. We go with the flow here and these events are normal ways of life. That’s why building in the West standards are not practical here.

  • Keep doing what you’re doing Derek, you’re doing a lot for them, this way they don’t become totally dependent on you and the help you bring

  • Hey Q, you’re doing great work with what’s available. You shouldn’t pay attention to negative comments. I’ve been a carpenter and painter for many years. Absolutely no one in their right mind would stand on those paperthin and razorsharp tin metal roofs. If you go through your legs could be stripped to the bone. I wouldn’t want that in any country, let alone the phils were ambulances are scarce. Safety first. Keep up the good work.

  • Derek, don’t worry too much about the “advice” given by those who do not know the full story. I don’t think they mean any harm but do what you believe is right as you are the only one who is physically there, seeing everything around you. Good luck with this project.

  • Hi Derek, it doesn’t matter what you do and how well you do it, there will ALWAYS be “naysayers” who find something to criticize. This is the one of the unfortunate circumstances that people worldwide have to deal with, not just the Philippines. Filipinos are tough and find a way to overcome what life deals them and make the best of there situation, while keeping a positive attitude at the same time. This is one reason I have such admiration for their culture and hope to be there as well permanently in a few years. I will be in the Aurora area for the month of December with my Mahal and would love to meet you and sit down to dinner if your schedule will allow it. Keep up the good work and remember to wear blinders around the “Negative Nancies” 🙂. All the Best 🙏

    • Oh Bill!!! I will be in the Aurora area in about 2 weeks. But yeah… if you are in the cebu area, please look me up. I do live to meet supporters of my channel

    • @Q Adventures Enjoy Aurora Derek! Make sure and stop at the Tibu Tidal Pools in Casiguran if you can……very cool 😎. I plan on hitting Biliran Island after Manila, so I will try to set up a day with you in Cebu. Enjoy your trip my friend 🙂

  • Derek Merlyn is pretty girl…. will u introduce me when i come visit u guys n Phillies? God bless u

    • I apologize… I don’t get involved in match makings. I do hold many community events that my understudies get involved with where my subscribers are also know to be involved with

  • One thing for certain… Is in the manner this house was constructed, It could be dismantled and repurpose the decent quality plywood and coco lumber… You will need some good prybars hammers and a few flat bed trucks to haul it away and deliver to the next location for squatting or homesteading…

    Yeah Derek… you have done some fine and great things passing along the blessing there where you live..

    • Thank you Dan. The locals have all these figured out. I am still learning from them on why their specific process

  • Ask the neighbor if you can take the sheets of iron off, then access situation, eg use a long plank to walk on , get someone to help you

    • @Q Adventures helpful neighbors, there is away Derek, take panels off , then nail 2×4 on the inside, over hang 2×4 out 10 inches to out side , you’ll need to do twice , according to length of panel sheet eg , you will have timber to stand on when nailing sheets on the outside, doing this you’ll have only 2 inch gap on the bottom of the sheet, do you understand derek

    • @julian shalders did you notice how the entire house was built? It looks to me like hey build their houses like we used to build our forts as kids. The best they can with whatever they can get. Next time just put a coat of sealer on the 2×4 and plywood before you put it up that will prevent mold and rot from the rain.

  • I totally agree with your method. I have been to the Philippines before and know exactly what you are facing. Keep doing things the way you are by helping anyway that you can. You are doing a wonderful and awesome job. Not sure where the commenter(s) are located from, but they would need to come to a place like that first to address the situation and get a clearer view.

    • Yes, thank you. Modernization is great, but sometimes the situation is counterproductive going modern.

  • https://youtu.be/G8S_YpuBF50 I seen this girl in another foreigners vlog video much more talkative

  • I really like what
    you guys are
    doing. Regular
    Guy interviewed
    the prostitute
    and walked
    away.. that
    really bothered
    You two are
    of Christianity
    We are one
    human family!

    • Thank you for blessing me with your support. I am still in contact with Marylyn’s father to get updates on their eviction situation and still have full intentions to put her through PCA training after her high school

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