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  • What a great video. Can you imagine just a little bit of money will make a whole lot of difference to the family.

    • Precisely. And I don’t have liability issues to be concerned over. They actually appreciate the gesture

  • You were not condescending… when there is a problem you have to be honest and call it out for what it is in order to solve the problem … otherwise you are just romanticizing… great job … well done 👍🏿

    • ​​@Q Adventures I always feel these kind of comments are cringe but funny enough at the same time it would probably be in that family’s best interest if they found a rich husband lol

  • You’re doing great work mi amigo! You’ve got amazing and generous subscribers! You’re making a lot of families safe and happy. Keep up the awesome as always. Salud and peace! 🍻 Can’t wait for bday video for Angel, hope she gets a beautiful cake. Not skipping any ads.🤘

  • It’s great to see the progress. Hopefully it will improve even more from this point on.😊

    • Just some windows and small pockets that needs to be closed. But the major stuff like the stair is done

  • It’s amazing how far $250 can go to make a huge difference in someone’s life. The smile on her face says it all.👍🏽🏝️

  • wonder how much it would cost in American dollars to build a 4-bedroom, kitchen and bath with shower living room and a large two-bay garage for dads’ business block house with real roof etc. with full utilities and some land nearby to do so in the area they live . would be interested in knowing for the not-too-distant future. very curious

    • In my humble opinion and from understanding their situation, that wouldn’t do them any favors. Perhaps even harm them. Cause jealousy between neighbors, employees demand more pay, etc. There are more serious issues that I don’t care to discuss here but I think it’s more practical in helping the young generation through their studies, make their own stable income so they can help their own family correctly

    • @Q Adventures Thank you I never thought of that will keep that in mind ,, love your videos

    • Maaannnn!!! You would think I am an idiot if I told you. I had a sub who is ex marine hit me up for a 14 day survival course with 4 ft jungle ninjas up in Luzon. Hard-core stuff. He said he experienced it in his younger days and we have a date in August. Stoked about that

  • What if you double the plywood to make thicker, only it will be more expensive because you’re overlapping them

    • Correct. Buying thicker plywood will be more efficient, but the patriarch has his valid reasons and I didn’t want to impose

  • God is never outdone in generosity by helping those in need you will also be blest more abundantly.

    • All the stars aligned on this 1. From the family allowing me access to the supportive viewers 🙏

  • You cannot fail to be inspired by the resilience of these beautiful people, smiling always through adversity. 🥰💪

  • I’ve listened to several videos and just subscribed. After having listened to you, I still have no idea what your exact story is and where you’re from in the states, your job, how exactly you were able to retire there and open a business. No specifics seem to have been given that I can tell. Also, as I’ve lived in the Philippines and owned businesses and several homes/properties, as well as married to. Filipina for almost 36 years, it’s probably not a good idea to call your lady a “bitch”. I know you were joking, but there are guys going to the Philippines that do so with the intentions of treating Filipina women in a manner they would not treat women from their own country. Just my two cents….thanks

    • @Q Adventures that was my point. Trust me, I’m not more wise. I wasn’t suggesting that I was. We men sometimes think we understand our Filipinas and I can assure you that they often (despite our intention) misread our humor and attempts at lighthearted banter. By the way, you didn’t answer your history, business, where you’re from etc., questions. Are those questions answered in another video? Please tell me which one. Thanks

    • Man… C.A.S. you gotta visit bro. You seem like a person I would tag places with. Love your support❤️

  • great improvement, at first i was wondering if that stairs was new because i didn’t remember seeing it in the other video.

  • Holy cow the difference is just amazing. We in the west are so fortunate. Marilyn is so happy, what a change of her living conditions brought on by your actions Derek and your supporters. What a Great follow up video. How anyone could think you being condescending is beyond me. Keep being you Derek. The world needs more Derek’s that’s for sure.

  • I love what you’re doing my friend, I would just advise to be careful. Ive been hearing through the grapevine of a few expats who have been in some real hot water for taking donations for projects. the reason being they were not a registered as a charity in the Philippines, and didn’t have itemized receipts/paper trail for every dollar. With the current size of your channel/donation amounts received im betting they will leave you alone, but thought id throw the basic info your way all the same. But all that said, you are definitely making a big impact on people’s lives, so i tip my hat to your efforts good sir 👍

    • Yes. 1 other subscriber raised this awareness to me. You just articulate it better. I am getting ready to post a short video asking people to stop donating and addressing the issue

    • @Q Adventures Yeah, in reality it really sucks because there are a lot of people that could be helped though efforts like this. But just like here in the states big papa gov always seems to want to ruin a good thing. I’d say you might be able to phrase it in the future as something like “your donations to my channel help to fund my work and the creation of content for my videos” (I’m not a lawyer, so this isn’t legal advice of course). Because then as part of your “work” you can do the same things, but people would need to read between the lines a bit sadly. But it’s much more likely to keep you safe from trouble and still accomplish the awesome stuff you’re doing. There’s no perfect solution, but for me, I want to make sure you can keep doing this awesome stuff, vs get shut down because some jack wagon got on his high horse and decided to make an example of you. Keep rockin brother! There are a lot of folks that really appreciate it 😁

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  • Wood framing is the key to using this very thin plywood to give it strength and it needs painting both sides to extend its life. Termites destroy any wood quickly in the Philippines so sadly any thing made from this thin plywood has a very short life. Also after the last typhoon sellers of building materials doubled there prices due to shortages high prices have stayed and will never return to half the price they where before last large typhoon destroyed many buildings all across the Philippines. This lady has had her life style changed due to your help and subscribers so that can only be good Thank you to those involved in this project for making it happen.

    • @Q Adventures Mai Tai practitioner or muay thai practitioner.. One fights to stay on his feet in the bar, and the other fights to stay on his feet in the ring 😀

  • You should probably have used Hardy Flex as it is commonly used here and comes in different thicknesses. It is bug resistant and waterproof as well. Maybe they could use it for the outer portion to protect the plywood from water damage.

    • Yes. Working on putting a layer of plywood to block the heat. Also no one up there till night

  • Just discovered your channel. Subscribed. This is a great thing what you have done. I’m visiting the Philippines later in the year and if I visit near to you I will be sure to buy you a drink. Thanks for the content.

  • Your good works will be noted by our Heavenly Father and your reward will be in blessings my friend

    • 1st, it sounds more kosher as they sleep on the same mattress. Secondly, he is a proud guy and a beautiful human being. No beef with his life choices

    • Yes. We have an iPhone, laptop that is coming in early July, thanks to an anonymous donor and her very own channel mid July. Please tune in for updates and really appreciate your support

    • I brought it up but i had to respect the decision of the patriarch. I didn’t want to impose and the more important issue was solved

  • appreciate the update. Looks great. Was really impressed with the cement step-up with new ladder.

  • I’m not sure how long the thin plywood will last, but it’s something for the time being. In the future, you may want to consider Hardy Board or Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets. I would attach them to the exterior. Another item of utmost importance would be a Mosquito net to drape around the bed.

    • I appreciate your feedback and it’s very valid. I have also made similar suggestions but I cannot impose on how things are done there. It’s all the patriarch’s whish

  • Q Advent: I hope you’re gonna continue your friendship with Gel’s and Marylyn’s families. I would love to see you introduce the two families. I think the families would become great friends. I think Marylyn would be a great mentor for Angel

    • Yes. I am still working closely with both of them. I am in it for the long-term. I offered Marylyn to reach out to me with whatever reasonable requests, including employment. Gel, I am mentoring for a long time. I still have to help the family form a LLC entity and a team to help her build and manage her upcoming channel. I continue to pay for her internet dues

  • if you want help this family, location have totally wrong this slum area, need move cheap better land own land far this slum area and then build concrete house, i know land cost lot but house brick and concrete not cost lot, i has build philippine many house help peoples, and good small house can build less than 4000 $ small can less 2000$ better location.

    • I understand your point. But for ke, to move a family away from their neighborhood, business, family and friends is drastic. Build them a home, and then what? I am more into helping people think and be independent. So they can learn to mange their resources even without me in the picture

  • this repair and build have only temporary build not longtime all have mold,wet,broken. need better material and location can make same money good house.

    • Correct. The patriarch has very valid reason for this and I didn’t want to impose or insist in any different. The immediate problem had to be addressed

  • Are you going to put some sheeting on the outside of the room to protect the plywood? Your videos make me want to come over there to help, I am a carpenter in Australia, but I think after being used to conditions over here I would struggle to deal with the supplies there.

    • I have no involvement with the ladder. The community donated and hired help built it. Thank you🙏

  • I live in Solano Philippines and we help as many as we can, 100 USD helps a family out a lot . Great Job helping that family,

  • Don’t let the negativity get to you.. you did a great job…and thank you helping the Filipino people.. just became a subscriber

  • Invest in a cordless drill and cut straps from the 1/4 in plywood and screw the straps in with screws.

  • A little over two minutes into the video, you start walking up some stairs. From a contractors point of view, please bend of cover the rebar that is sticking up to prevent any accidents from happening. Please. I think of the children and the elders.

    • I totally get where you are coming from as I worked consistently with contractors in san antonio during the 2 yrs of covid. But the Philippines has valid reasons why they bypass these liabilities and I cannot impose in their ways being an outsider

  • Concerned about no waterproof covering on outside. Rainy humid area, that good effort of yours will rot quickly. Need to put plastic tarp or metal outside.

  • That was completely okay brother, no apologies needed, I checked myself after viewing your video. I sounded negative and I’m sorry.👍🏿💪🏾🤚🏿💪🏾 12:14

    • It’s all good. I take positive AND negative. The only thing I don’t take is when people talking out of their butt

  • It is very generous of you and your viewers to help this family, but the work you did was a waste of materials. Clearly, you have no building experience and your handiwork merely reflects the type of ‘slide it in place’ architecture already rampant in her community, and In the country. Yes, donating to those in need is virtuous, but squandering those resources with shoddy work is embarrassingly criminal. Sorry, but next time don’t give unless you can also afford to the job correctly. Thom

    • You obviously have never visited the Philippines and lack the understanding of local process. I, nevertheless, appreciate your observations and be on my way

  • Good work. Those stairs are SUCH an improvement. They risked their lives using the old ladder.

    Is Marilyn’s sister’s name Michele Mae? They’re both gorgeous girls.
    Do you know their birth sign?