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    • A nice place for the family, better built. Home. A three bed home. Who would need anything else.

    • Your famous,nice guy approach no grooming here to see,all intentions are so honorable spread the wealth and fame,not hating just watch out for distant cousins with no serial number 45’s on scooters,after all that is what you went to find there

    • Good looking out Jay. I promise you I have a pass to this community. Everyone there knows me by now

  • Really enjoying your vlogs in supporting the locals. You’re a very kind man Derek. The ingenuity in the way they repurpose materials is remarkable. Props to the father for supporting his family so well. Every member of that family have amazing smiles always on their faces. Safe travels Derek, Keep doing what you’re doing mate.

    • Oh man. You’ll like the next one then. Just done with her bday today and it’s gonna be long

    • Gel made the 1st 1 soooo gooood. The pressure of matching the quality is intense. I will do my best…

    • My pleasure. More is coming and Gel will be a star in her own channel by mid July. Please tune in

  • Wonderful video!
    It is so awsome that everyone, young and old, seem to be so very friendly and wanting to talk. And not being as stressed as people can be in the big cities. One day I must visit some little mountain village in Philippines as well, to experience this for myself.

    • Highly encourage it. But research your destination before committing as certain areas in Mindanao are still high risk

    • Thank you for your support. I love the long play and not just dump some money and have people try to figure it out

  • thumbs up Derek…its nice that you are going to help and bless that family. Angel is definitely an angel and she deserves to have a special birthday.

  • Derek the Boss Man … Are you Vietnamese or Chinese… For some reason in a previous video you mentioned you were Vietnamese… but in this video I heard you mention Chinese … great 👍🏿 update !

    • Born in Vietnam to Chinese parents. You tell me, bro. Sometimes it’s even too complicated for me

    • @Q Adventures it just means the World has appointed you to be its international Wisdom and Spiritual Ambassador… Tag … you’re it the chosen one!!! 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿😂😂😂😀😀

  • Looks like they live pretty good I live in Flint Michigan and it looks like they are living pretty well

    • That’s a great observation. But what I was intrigued with is their house is build from recycled materials along with how practical they are

  • You’re a good man and thank you for giving insight into the Filipino way of life. I love it and cannot wait to retire to Bohol. Stay blessed my friend.

    • @Q Adventures My God Sir, you really have found paradise. Cant wait to get out of USA = June 2024

    • @Q Adventures First stop is Calvin (Sunshine Shoulders) to shake his hand and thank him properly and yes, I’ll land in Cebu (from SFO) thank you for the invitation. 👍

    • My pleasure. Calvin is often here in Cebu. I have the privilege of helping him set up his meet and greets in cebu here.

  • Q, I was waiting on this follow up. She has made an impression on me, what a kind soul!
    Your kindness is infectious, keep up the good work!

  • God bless you and this family.
    God bless this channel to create more funds for help I pray !

  • Derek, you are such a kind and giving person. I just recently found your channel.
    My first video was your encounter with Gel.
    She is such an amazingly young lady.
    Her English is VERY good.
    Your kind nature will help her and her family for years to come in unseen ways.
    Thank you for your kindness.

    • My pleasure. Please follow my updates in regards to Gel. She will have her own channel in mid July as a way to help her family. I hope you tune in

    • I LOVE the UK. my very 1st client is from London. 84 yr old with no scooter experience can straight to my house from the airport, rented my scooter (zero experience), and circled Bohol in 32 days. He made sure to send me short videos every other day to tell me how epic his trip was. Will NEVER forget

  • Mr Q nice videos
    great you show the side of the Philipines that people often dont see
    What aboudt Crime an stuff down there like that i want to visit i hear Money is kind an they dont trust Banks so want to know what too look out for before i travle for here inDanmark whare i leve we dont use money anymore its all Digital 96% of the time
    can you not make a vedeo aboudt that so i am not getting mock as soon as i get out of the Airplaine ?

    • Crime like scams and honesty stuff. Violent crime is rare as I can see it. But I’m no expert. I am trying to do a docuseries type of videos on underground Philippines but the leader of a major gang here had a day job at the call.center. I think that pretty much speaks for itself

    • The Philippines is PROOF that poverty and crime are unrelated. As you can see from my videos, I am often in areas that you wouldn’t want to be in in any other countries. Of course, always be careful and do your due diligence. But the Philippines is safe. Little kids still walk around by themselves at 11pm

    • @Q Adventures then i will be prepering for a trip then an hope i survive hehe
      when is not typhoon season down there i dont want to be blown away in that manner hehe

  • Great two part series you have a good heart. Keep up the great work, also Filipinos are some of the best craftsmen there is. Awesome looks like more parts are coming🤙🏽

    • About 2 or 3 more. 1 coming tomorrow that I hope will make you proud. Then she will have her own channel that I hope you will follow. She’s a star and it’s her benefit to reap in. Not a random dude like myself

    • I cannot wait for yours and her content, I’ll definitely subscribe. And BTW I’m blessed to have ran into your channel.

  • Amazing family nothing wasted due to every thing having a value of some kind in there lives. The dress made from old plastic shown in all its glory by the future wearer. Much poverty in Philippines but every person has a huge smile and are proud of the little they have. Useful item is a wind up radio that can also be used as a torch and to charge mobile phones. I’ve gifted several to Filipino family’s and a few push bikes to bring a little joy and help in daily life having a way to know of future typhoons hiting there area is vital for safety and local radio give these weather reports out every morning. I chose wind up radios as no exspence of buying poor quality exsensive, batteries. Certainly made good use of my small gifts and the response was you would think I’ve give them the world.

  • This little girl has a bright future ahead of her. She is wonderfully energetic and friendly young lady, with an exceptional outgoing personality.

    • ​@Q Adventures keep on doing what you are doing. You have the right personality for people who need support and encouragement.

    • She gonna be a super stars she is very smart her good personality everybody would wanna be her friends, good job little girl, keep up the good work👍👍

  • you’re going to be a wonderful new addition to this loving family and you will make wonderful Uncle and godfather to the whole family, keep living and loving and spreading kindness ✨️. this is how we change the world🌎.

    • On the contrary… I will start to back off. We celebrated her birthday today and had a heart to heart with the parents. I found the goldmine in Gel and it’s not my benefit to sow. We talked about interest, cyber safety, etc for Gel to have her own channel to showcase her community and culture. Long story short, we are set up to have her own channel by mid July. Please keep up with the updates and help her grow her channel so she can be independent and financially support herself in he future endeavors. She’s a star and only she should reap the benefits. I will just play the role of mentor

    • Thank you, Bruce. I will only play mentor to her in starting her own channel. Only she should benefit from her stardom, not a random stranger like myself

  • Thanks for the update Derek! They say “an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and it’s easy to see how GEL is the wonderful young lady that she is. What an amazing family! Us spoiled Americans could learn many lessons from these humble, caring, and creative people. I also appreciate your thoughtfulness in how you approach helping this family. Very kind indeed Sir! I simply can’t wait to see her reaction on her birthday when she finds out how your subscribers have embraced her and her family. We love you GEL!

  • She’s a real celebrity now and we want to see more from her.
    You should open a YouTube channel for her ❤

  • Went back and watched the tour Angel gave you, anxiously awaiting the video of her birthday. Her parents picked the perfect name! Helping her with a computer for education is wonderful, if she does start vloging in English I am certain she will quickly surpass
    Q adventures in subs LOL. She is very intelligent and hard working to maintain a high average in school, I hope you discuss her future post secondary ambitions.

    • Just finished with the celebration. Will work on the video 1st thing in the morning and upload instantly

  • Wow wonderful family and friends and community I like …… Thanks Derek and Gel and family and friends.

  • You’ve found your niche and a young charming little sweetheart Brother! Take good care of them and make it an episode of your channel please.

    • Yes. I am passing the baton to her. She has internet at home now and will have her own channel mid July. I am in the process of getting her equipped and teaching her parents to keep her cyber safe. Will keep you all updated

  • thanks for following up Derek, much appreciate the update. what a great family, they deserve so much more. not skipping any ads, least I can do. looking forward to the next update! keep up the awesome work man and much appreciate what you’re doing for the family, she’s definitely an Angel. Peace!

  • Hi, we will be going there in the middle of July and we’d really like to meet you. We will be in Cebu for a couple of days, then off to San Carlos then Dumaguete, and back to Cebu.

    • Absolutely!!! I also offer accommodation within my home if you need it. Also scooter rental is available without milage nor geographic restrictions

    • @qadventures  we will definitely contact you once we’re there, maybe meet up for dinner or something. I’m very interested in the scooter rental, and we’d definitely contact you for that!

  • What a nice family and great young lady Gel she’s a star and Bro so much respect for you for helping this awesome family

    • Nah. It’s a privilege that they allow me into their circle. Just happy that I am able to share this raw experience with you all.❤️

    • My assumption is that you have never visited the Philippines. They were everything BUT awkward

  • I have to say the Filipinos are so polite friendly and very respectable people. I am amazed at how polite they are and very modest. Gel is a very beautiful young lady and has extremely great english. I love her smile and how concerned she is or was while touring there family farm. I would love to live there and be around such good people. I wish american kids were as respectable as Gel and her family are. That’s very kind of you to get the internet for them. I bet they will be very happy to have that. I used to raise pigs and the family pigs are very good looking animals well cared for. I’m anxious to see the video of her Gel’s birthday party and also their beauty pageant. It’s so great to meet such wonderful people. I appreciate how respectable you are with Gel’s family. Thank you for sharing this video with all of us. God bless this is one of my favorite videos I have seen from the Philippines. Please tell Gel Happy Birthday from the USA she has a very bright future ahead of her.

    • Thank you for the support of my channel and speaking so respectfully and encouragingly. I have every intention to document all activities done with Gel and her family to share their psoitivities. In the modern age, we need families like Gel to inspire some hope

  • Derek you are a wonderful person. My dream is to get to the Philippines for retirement. I hope to meet you one day you do wonderful things for people

    • Bring it, Jeffrey!!! 😁 I welcome every opportunity to meet a sub. I’ll even make you a coffee

    • Hahaha!!! Better you than me. English was my 4th language and my brain says “no mass”🤣

  • My dad was a medic in Vietnam he never hurt nobody but it was like a nightmare in his past he saved some Vietnamese as well ❤️‍🩹

    • Props to your dad. It was war time, soldiers did what they had to to survive. But your dad, his job was to save lives and not injure, huge props to him

  • I’m going to menila Philippines on cheap plane probably allegiant air Philippines air is more expensive

  • I came across your channel while waitng for our shuttle service then i saw that Angel in the mountain , and im mesmerized by her shes so wonderful . And that i end up subscribing to your channel to see more of Angel on your vlog

    • Wow!!! What a to find my channel. Thank you for giving my channel a chance, Hilario❤️😇😊

    • Too expensive and subpar quality. They refer to the Philippines as the dumping ground for American “toys”. But no worries, we have already purchased her laptop and I have a subscriber bringing it to me in early July. But if you want to support my channel and overall philanthropy efforts, I have a PayPal link in the description section. No amount of contribution is too small😊

  • The young man with the lip problem oh, there is a foundation out there that will operate on him for free to brighten his life. With your knowledge, Derek you could research and see if you could get him a operation. That would be a wonderful loving thing for you to do. And if it doesn’t work out maybe you could get donations to help that young man he has a long life ahead of him

    • It’s a great idea and gesture. I will screenshot this comment and make a short video discussing it in the coming days. Meanwhile, if you can forward me any links to help me research, I eill look at it. I am only 1 person afterall

    • ​@Q AdventuresSmile Train does the surgery. He should have a gofundme but the money must go for the surgery.

    • Not necessarily. I love nature and philanthropy. I am on a Neverending journey to satisfy my own curiosities. Sometimes I am blessed to cross path with deserving people like Gel and I just want to contribute a little and try to articulate a good story for my viewers. I always wanted a daughter but only have 1 son. When I spontaneously crossed paths with Gel, I was instantly charmed

  • Hi Derek
    I found your channel when you found Angel,
    Not only is Angel a Star but you too…
    Angel should have her own Youtube
    Channel about Angels and her Family life…who knows it could become a successful channel just like yours and provide a little income towards College for the Kids…

    • @kevin Lee that is EXACTLY what I will be doing. Great minds think alike ey? I will be returning to her home on Wed to give her an older gopro and have home internet installed for her. 1 subscribe purchased a laptop for her that will arrive in July. But I told her and family I will mentor her on her channel. For her to showcase her community and lifestyles up in the mountain. And talk about her infamous city, etc

  • Is there a place to message you privately about Thursday’s event, somewhere where Gel won’t see?

  • The father seem to be very hands-on – even when you have less, with good thinking and the right hands-on approach, you can achieve a lot for your family. Quite a difference to the Cebu family – I mean, her father there has a workshop. Enough spare material should be available there to make a room that is at least better than some cloth and scarf hanging around.

    Also, I have to point it out: A beautiful family. Her sister. And her mother. Well, no wonder 🙂

    • Thank you for the input. However, I just wanted to point out the circumstances, up bringing and access to resources are very different between the 2. 🙏

    • @Q Adventures Okay I see. Then lets say it just felt that her father seemed much more proactive in these terms. But I dont know the background so much of course.

  • Anthony comes across as a very intelligent and industrious family man subsisting on a limited income but still ensuring that his lovely wife and children have a roof over their heads and food on the table, kudos to the guy, he must love them all very much because they all seem so very content. Will you be visiting the home of the grandparents too? I think that meeting the older generation would make excellent viewing. I would ask you Derek what is it you ultimately want to do for the family, but with your channel still in its infancy and subscriber numbers still rising I guess it is too early to make any promises of financial help collected from donations (or is it?).

    • @S I agree about Anthony 100%. On top of that, the man is honest. When asked a question he doesn’t know, he say so rather than bullshitting his way through.

      And you are right. I am in the infancy. However… even if I was beyond success, I will never promise the family anything. The filipino culture is so nice and trusting that everything you say is held to the highest standards without margin for error. Anything I say, they will grow a reliance to it. And if something tragic was to happen to me, the family will be devastated in so many ways. I only offer mentorship and provide resources to them as they come. No afore mentions.

  • The plywood is from shipping containers. The tea imported comes in small 3ftx3ft ply boxes