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  • Which scooter has the lowest seat height? I’ve had a difficult time finding rental scooters that I can sit on & have my feet planted flat on the ground.

  • Great update on your rental service Derek. Is there a problem with motorcycles being stolen ? I always wondered about that?

    • Yes Eddy. But only from Locals. I only rent to foreign nationals with a foreign passport to mitigate my risk. Not full proof, but working well

  • I like the idea of doing business with a fellow foreigner. You’re obviously a good guy also. Good to know you’re there.

  • That Tambuli resort is ultra expensive. I’m guessing you are targeting their guests. …..with a corresponding high price for the bikes.

    • No Alfredo. I am doing the same as I did before moving here. Being next to Tambuli is a coincidence

    • Hi Scott. No specifics. As soon as you have confirmed dates, I suppose. We even accommodate walk-ins (if we have availability). When you place a reservation, your.bike of choosing I guaranteed for your travel dates

    • Sure. We provide accommodation and bike rental. You can bike your bike to Bohol or any islands. We do not have milage or location restrictions

  • I am new to the channel, I will be in Mactan in early July. I am wanting to rent a scooter do I need to make a reservation before I get there if so how long in advance. thanks

    • @michaelchevere I apologize for the late response. It’s best to reserve as soon as you can so I can take the bike of your choosing out of circulation. Please always contact me via Whatsapp or messenger with business as comments here sometimes slip away.

    • No insurance, Sentinel. I haven’t found an insurance company to insure the renter. Most of my renters have travel insurance that covers their liabilities and damage. Once my bike is in your possession, it’s your sole responsibility. No collateral or deposits neither. Only a copy of your passport, driver’s license, exit itinerary and rental dues for your rental duration.

    • @Q Adventures thanks for your reply 👍.
      I usually spend 3 months each year in Cebu. Always wanted to have a bike to ride around but always put off by the risks, not riding risks just the risk of bike damage or being stolen.
      Rather than ask you more questions here I may contact you when I’m in Cebu next. 👍

    • No problem if I may put things in perspective for you… the most expensive bike I have is about $3,000. Worst case scenario, the bike falls in the ocean while loading on ferry, you indemnify me the $3,000 and file a claim with whomever (visa, Mastercard, travel insurance, etc) to recoup your $3,000 payment to me. Although the risk is there, it’s not probable.😁

    • All my contact options are listed on my YouTube page. Contact me via whatsapp or messenger with my usa number +1-626-626-6347

  • going to be in Lapu-Lapu on the 12 jun how much for the 175 with box for 1 month

    • 23,100 for the month with the box. Give you a discount to 21k flat if you would like. Box, phone holder, USB charger, 2 helmets, unlimited miles

    • @Q Adventures just 1 bedroom do a solo and plan to rent for 3 months at time
      i got ya whatsapp number will flick ya msg when i get to cebu kk

  • I’m planning on a one month visit to the Philippines how much for the big bike per month?

    • 720 pesos per day w/o the cargo box, 770 per day with. For 30 days, I will discount it to 19k even with or without the box. Equipped with phone holder, USB charger, unlimited miles, 2 helmets and take it anywhere you want. Please reach out via whatsapp or messenger if you want to confirm booking. My contact info are listed in my YouTube page description section

  • Gud luck buddy I like ur vlogs u give it an Asian twist im a pakistanin American will b retiring soon if dasma cavite glad to see a bussiness tht will work for u

  • I want to rent 24 hours from 10 a.m. on August 24th to 10 a.m. on August 25th
    Do you need any documents if you want to know the price?

  • Hello, good video. My brother and I are coming to Cebu the first of October. We are both motorcycle riders and hoping to do some touring of Philippines on scooters . We were hoping for 150 or larger but we can do 125cc if need be . Do you have monthly or weekly rates?

    • Yes. I have 2 Honda PCX 160CC and 3 Rusi RFI 175cc. Please reach out to me via messenger or Whatsapp (both registered to my USA # +1-626-626-6347) for reservations to ensure availability upon your arrival

  • Hello sir, I am arriving tomorrow in Cebu and am interested in a Honda Click for a week until 10/10/23 low mileage and with two helmets. Please update me availability. Thank you, Aviram

    • Hi Aviram. Unfortunately, we do not have the Honda Click. However, we do have a Yamaha Mio i125 that is sized the same as the Honda Click 125. Please contact me via Whatsapp @ +1-626-626-6347 or email De**********@gm***.com

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