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  • It will be very helpful to have a guy like that. He’s young, might be be a small problem. Not knowing a lot of things. Mechanical things. Everyone seems to work on there on motorcycles as it is.

    • I agree to an extent, Eddy. For me, making mistakes is part of life and an opportunity to learn. I have made many in my life and hope I can give back a little by mentoring those willing

    • Also, he doesn’t work on other people’s bikes. Only mine. Relief myself of responsibilities to others

    • He IS a motorcycle mechanic. However, all my units are either brand new or I purchased them brand new a few months ago. My bikes are all mechanically sound. Only oil change and routine maintenance

  • Eric , good stuff. Give the kid the proper welders goggles for arc welding. Currently, he is using gas welding goggles. His eyes will be damaged if he keeps using inappropriate goggles.

  • As a frequent traveler to Cebu , I’d like to enquire about renting your bikes Do you have a website or a business name? Thanks. Also will be buying a Honda ADV in July for my gf. Any advice appreciated

    • Hi Alfredo. My business name is Q Adventures Motorbike Rental. We are right next to Tambuli Resort. I can lead you to a dealer I frequent. They only take 3 weeks to obtain the cr/or. I just led another subscriber last week to purchase a Honda pcx

    • @Q Adventures Thanks From my understanding there are 7 days grace given by LTO while awaiting permanent registration. The LTO press release claims that all paperwork can be finalised in that 7 day period. Obviously, their talk doesn’t match the reality

    • No on grace period. The 7 day deal, I have also heard but not yet enforced. Still 3 weeks is the quickest as of now

  • Hey Derek, you are doing exactly what you discussed with me, you are truly a man of your word. I can appreciate that and I appreciate you and Ai.👍

    • Thank you brother. Just doing me. Conversation between you and I are casual. But much love for the word of encouragement

  • That’s great Derek ! I would like to be able to contribute to the Philippines 🇵🇭 when I live there permanently. Calvin has inspired me as well !
    I think it’s a truly wonderful thing to be able to help the country that has helped me see a better life in the future, even if on a small scale !
    Keep up the great work ! I’ll be heading back to Philippines 🇵🇭 in December maybe we could meet for a coffee ! Thx 🙏

    • Yes, Big Dream. I just sat for dinner with Ron Davis last night. He is involved in creating documentaries for HBO and others. Great man. He also has a philanthropy group up in Iloilo. I love seeing people giving back and inspiring. For me, I take a little different approach. I prefer to be involved in the person’s life for mentorship and 1 on 1 coaching. That is what I am doing with Eric

  • That is great. Sometimes just showing someone you care means the world. I’m sure his family is proud of him. Thanks

    • He’s a great kid with great potentials. He now has the keys to my home, access to ALL my resources, and some donations came in to help him get a driver’s license to expand his horizon. Thank you

  • I just realized today that i wasn’t getting notifications for your videos . I know I have been subbed from your first video. So I have been binge watching your videos today. That’s awesome about sponsoring the kid . It’s a huge learning experience for him .

  • I disagree Derek…17 sari-sari stores in 1/4 mile tells me Filipinos and Filipinas have the entrepreneurial spirit. Just a little push can get them thinking outside the box. My LDR built a rice store at her home in Mandaue.

    • Thank you. Unfortunately we cut ties the day before due to some honesty issues. But I will continue to identify young adults to offer them opportunities

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