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  • Dayum … a lot different than old English malt liqua … bbque potatoe chips … and playin dominos…

  • Ah yes Galleria de Mandaue, been there many times! Good on you to do a video on this subject. Whether you agree or disagree, the sport employs thousands of Filipinos across the country. When I go to the derby, I usually sit in VIP section!😊

  • It’s very quick and I would say good for the roosters in Phillipines in the America’s most fights use 2 sharp on the point only called gaffes fights can drag on for 30 min. Or more they use one razor in cebu you seen how quick it was over

    • Yes I did. And 30 mins is too brutal. I would have probably left after 1 fight if 30 mins. My OCD does 30 mins of nothing😁

  • They need a large monitor to show the action, how can you see what’s happening?🕵️‍♂️🤔🐓🏝️

  • I am so glad you showed this. I first saw this in 1987 so it’s not new for me. Keep doing great video content Brother. You are on the right path.

    • Thank you George. The topic and title didn’t fly with youtube. I had to fight youtube for awhile as my video did not show any violence. Only to illustrate culture

    • I have never been to Puerto Rico, but I heard the majesty of nature there is just as beautiful

    • I hear you… I was there bcoz I was invited and wanted to experience that part of the culture. I left after 3 fights that I didn’t even pay attention to. I paid more attention to the crowd than the fight itself. Don’t see myself returning to events like this

  • Enlightening and appreciate the glimpse into a cultural phenomenon for many in Philippines.

  • You’re exactly right in how to describe Filipino’s second religion….it’s a “brutal pastime”, not only for the losers but especially for the fighting cocks…..

  • First, just found your channel and truly appreciate what you are doing to help the Philippine people. I will watch and share it with others. Now for a little constructive criticism. I know you were not familiar with this part of the Philippine culture but a lot of these guys have the families next weeks food money bet on there fight and the birds are not pets for someone to walk up and touch. Go back and watch the guys face when you came up and touched his rooster. Please keep helping the needy families there and may God bless you for it.

    • I welcome and love criticisms. It’s a way I learn. Even when I disagree with the criticism, it gives me knowledge to at least ask the next question in an effort to reach enlightenment

  • we see these impromptu random cock fights in Goa where the males tries to assert his dominance in the coop , but not brutal or real cock fights so to speak held in an organized manner like here. I was surprised you did not show the real deal like the skinning of the pig.

    • Apparently, there is a difference between food and sport according to youtube guidelines. Although I prefer to show it all, including the slaughter process of the pig, I didn’t want to chance any violations

    • @Q Adventures sure we do not want to see that nor do I. Though, I personally enjoy eating pork abd chicken from where I come from. In fact, in my younger years we used to domesticate fowls and had pigs.

  • cool my brother in law done this last week his rooster won the guy argue with him went home got a gun want to shoot him amazing the family knows them but if happens again I be making sure he go to jail u cannot do this mandaue still illegal but many enjoy it

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