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  • I’ve seen the place in the past. Dead at the time, glad things are getting back to normal. All the people wearing masks. That’s what gets to me then. On the street and inside.

  • So cool to see the “little warrior princess” having a great time. Would hang out with you guys anytime. 🏖️

  • Glad to see that Ai is ok . You guys look like you had a good time. I love live music and it seems like that’s popular over there.👍🏼🎶🏝️

    • We did have a great time. The environment was great, but it was the guests who showed up. Everyone was so nice and supportive of 1 another

  • Happy to see you both have recover well and good to see that YOU & WP are enjoying the meet & greed, can’t wait to retire and move to the Philippines… Kabankalan, City will be my home with my girl Daisy and get my channel to a higher level just started. 👍 Have Fun !

    • It’ll be soon enough, Sal. At some point, you’ll be in cebu or me in kabankalan. Our paths will cross

  • In my 37yrs. I’ve never been to any kind of bar/disco in cebu area specially in mango never been😂😂😂

  • We are all relieved that Ai was able to walk away from the accident. I would be extremely cautious about ignoring any minor aches and pains. Please have her get checked out structurally (neck, back, etc.) from a specialist (not some general practitioner) A lot of people who survive accidents from getting hit from behind start developing chronic conditions and ignore minor symptoms that popped up along the way …

  • I stayed at Hoizon Tower on my last visit , basically right across the street ! 😊wow sorry to hear about that accident !!!

  • The Philly, formally known as All Stars has been around for a long time. Last time I visited, sports bar downstairs and KTV upstairs. Looks like the owners spruced it up a bit. But too many black lights! 😜 Looks like a good time was had by all. 🎉

  • I can’t wait to join the community in person. Thanks for making this great video to the meet and greet. I will see you soon my brother. When i come i do plan on bookin some days in your airbnb and the motorbike rental.

    • For sure Michael. Let me know as soon as you have a confirmed flight. That way, I can get things locked up for you.❤️

  • OMG, Speedy recovery to Ai and God Bless you both Derek. I have not heard about this accident. Pls get a car maybe sooner than later. Are you doing ok by now? Take care,

    • Thank you for the well wishes, Ted. I wasn’t there, but Ai is fine. She was out dancing 2 evenings later. Getting a car in the city is not an option for me. But our goal of moving out to the province is much closer, now that Eric is picking up the business rather quickly

  • Yo, I found your channel just recently. Great content. I’m visiting for the first time this coming August.

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