Philippines Province Girls (Talibon, Bohol) – Video Video

Philippines Province Girls (Talibon, Bohol) – Video


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  • Derek,
    Now you want to be a squatter, lol 😂
    And harvest Coconut meat. 🌴
    Enjoy the Special Moments while exploring the Philippines. 🇵🇭
    Thumbs up Brother. 👍🏼

  • Yay the 1st comment. I’ll be in this area next month. Make sure to visit Anda and Quinale beach. Best beach in Bohol.

  • Derek, You’re so blunt. You must have been a detectictive in a past , Genetic Memories.

  • Hey Derek
    So this is a fun video but too short 😁 👍 👍
    They appear to be nice girls. You must interview them another time

  • lol Derek and Ai, fortunately the people you meet patiently put up with foreigner’s questions. Can you imagine doing that in America?

  • Sure is a gorgeous day – that conversation was so funny. Do you give you business cards away? I think the guy in the back might have been cooking something. It looked like a picnic sort of. Such nice young ladies! ♥

  • Very nice young ladies very good outlook on life beautiful area thanks for sharing it with me glad The Machinist is back he seems like a real nice guy what’s is the name of his channel. Always good seeing your videos my friend have a great day Dennis😊😊

  • Think you made some some nice fun memories for the girls 😊 Really love your short stop and talk with locals 🥰

  • Nice video, Derek! You can tell that the girls probably have a very interesting back story, which is the case with most people. I only wish it was longer – but I understand you have to work with people’s shyness and willingness to open up.

  • Derek and Ai, super video! Great interview and beautiful siblings. Genuine answers.
    A persecutor??? Bye girls! hahaha. Salamat po!☀🌺🥥

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