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  • One big happy family … that’s living 🫶🏼
    And your claimed sister has such a pretty smile 😊

  • Good time for everyone 😊😊😊. I don’t think your a standup guy Derek…..I know you are! Nice thing to do for these girls.

    • Yes. The event was to help the girls decompress as they were just done with the school year

  • Hi U2 👋A fun sunny day with friends swimming 🏊 is always a blessing brother 🙏. Marylin is so adorable ☺️!! Keep up the great work your doing for the island 🏝️ people and know GOD is always got your back 👍🙏!! Blessings 🌸🌼🌺

    • @Hanging Moss Paranormal the newer batteries are better than the old style blue ones, the microphones are horrible and have always been and the attachment to hook up another mic is like 100 bucks but gopro has the market cornered forever now.

    • Yeah. The battery suck. The 2 blue batteries it came with are no good anymore after less than a yr. I start recording, shuts off after 30 seconds automatically due to battery overheating

    • @Q Adventures I’m looking into the Insta360 GO 3 would also be a good option for Gel later in the future as she gets better with her vlogging

    • @Q Adventures well I just ordered the Hero 11 black, I was settled on the 10 but decided to just go with the 11 even though i probably wont use all the functions. I ordered 2 extra enduro batteries too… wish me luck lol…the learning curve begins!!

  • grrr I hate you sir, NO FAIR lol. Can’t wait to be doing the same and relax and have fun helping the next generations plan for their futures.

    • Yeah. Sometimes, we just need to give the younger generation a day of fun and relaxation. They just finished the school yr so decompression, I felt was good for this day

  • What does the “v” hand sign mean there? In England it is entirely different than the US. And I see almost all Philippines constantly doing it.

    • It’s equivalent to 🫶 in K Pop culture. K Pop is a pretty big influence in the Philippines

  • What a tough job you have brother. LOL We can’t be as lucky as you are. LOL Yeah that sun really drains you. Thanks for the mimi trip today, you made my day. Peace brother. 👍👍

  • Q, you are making a difference, man. Great job taking these kids to have some great, memorable fun!

  • dude what a frickin’ blast! two dudes and all the ladies, that’s a party right there! glad to see familiar faces from your past vids and doing well, looking happy! your buddy needs to let loose a little bit, he’s in paradise and w/ the laaaaadies! unfortunately, you forgot the most important thing, the San Mig and/or Red Horse and no cannonball? salud and Peace!

    • Yeah. My buddy is blind so he was just chilling. He was able to jump off the boat in the water, which he will never get to do elsewhere

    • @Q Adventures his brave enough to jump … He trusted derek much… Good job Big D.👍👍👍

    • Hi 🙋to you too Jason.. how are you there?,, we’ll see you when you come back here next time.. And thanks to Derek and Ai for treating us as their extended family… Love you guys😘♥️

    • @michelleM_0331 I’m working on getting things clean up here. putting the home up for sale. Been very busy since I got back. not much time to vlog.

  • Looks like everyone had a great time. The water there looks shallow. How deep was it there? Fun video Derek.

  • hey derek, did you used to drive truck in america? i feel like i’ve met you before, either way, you’re doing great things in the phils keep up the great work.

    • No I didn’t. Besides a 3 yr stink in a corporate office, I did sales my whole life. And… thank you. This paradise is for all who wants it

  • Talk about crystal clear water…. more like pretty goddesses, than ladies 😉 looks like a great time Q

  • Nice getting your long time friend out of his comfort zone, we all need that now and then…… yes , there is something about guiding along the water to unwind the body and soul….

  • What is the best way to get frome Cebu airport to Duma or Valencia, boat or plane? Will be there end of October. Would love to meet up with you all and spend some time just getting to know you and Ai. Blessings

    • Hi Ken. Plane is always the easiest and fastest way. But if you want adventure, a motorbike and ferry will have you pass by many interesting areas within your journey that you will just pass over on a plane.

      Would love to meet up with you if your time and geography coordinates

  • Hey Derek, i’m not sure if you’ll see this because it’s so late after you posted this video and it’s a comment about other work you’ve been doing but i wasn’t sure where else to put it. Anyway i wanted to give you and Ai some big praise on how well you’re doing on helping Gel’s channel and for guiding her to be a top notch vlogger. I expressed concern to Ai in one of her videos (the trip to the Mall) about how Gel wasn’t really voicing her experience much. I realize alot of that was because she was overwhelmed but I know she can get real shy too when she doesn’t know quite how to put things into words. Then I saw that video where you took her to that resort and her graduation video and it seems clear to me that you’ve really been working with her to think of the viewers as someone right there with her that she needs to talk to. As a result I am no longer worried, thanks to you and Ai guiding her she is developing very well and I think she’ll become a fantastic vlogger that will make her family and community very proud. I can still see she’s a bit self concious about her english still but please let her know she doesn’t need to be, even if she’s not speaking with perfect grammar it’s still very easy to tell what she’s saying or meaning to say. When she gets stuck and says something like “I am out of my words” it’s totally adorable though. So she’s doing great and you and Ai are doing a great job with her. I also wanted to pass along an idea that came to me while watching the video about a “day in the life of a banana farmer” I know you were very interested in maybe getting a chance to talk with those people that are way up in the mountains that make guns. I think maybe for you to try to go it alone and meet up with them might turn out badly for you but since it seems like Gel’s father and jesus end up doing business with them from time to time, maybe they could help you to meet these people one day? Anyway it’s just an idea I thought I would throw out there in case you haven’t thought of it yourself already. You probably have because I can tell you’re a pretty smart guy. Okay that’s it, keep up the good work and I look forward to some of the things you got planned in the near future like helping your blind friend to meet some martial artists and that survival course you plan on taking. Both of those have lots of potential for being some great videos. Certainly much more interesting then about 90% of the other stuff I see the vloggers in the Philippines doing. 👍

    • Oh wow Mark. Thank you very much for being so extensive. In regards to Gel at the mall, I was supposed to be there but last minute business came up and I had to jump off the truck bed and ran home while Ai and Gel’s family go on. The few videos I had Gel complete with Ai was very purposeful. I wanted to see Gel’s comfort zone with another Filipina and someone who is not as vested as myself. I saw what you saw and tried my best to critique. At the end of the day, Gel is only 12 so I cannot be harsh as if she is a grown adult. But Gel is exceptionally intelligent, aware and motivated compared to my other guests. So it is a pleasure to mentor and fund her. As you can see, she’s only 2 weeks into her channel and already twice the minimum required subscribers and more than half the watch hours. I feel so proud to be a part of her development.

      In regards to the gunmakers… I was offered opportunities but decided to put that off for the time being and invest my efforts in Gel. Once her channel is a self running engine, I will revisit that. I also don’t want Gel’s family to be any part of it as most of the western culture gets weird as soon as they hear the word “gun” wokeness and ignorance kicks in while leaving behind culture, history and state of mind. And I don’t want to take any chances of anyone making any accusations and connecting Gel’s family to anything that is remotely perceived as negative.

      Also, because of my constant presence up there… I am accepted as part of community now. Not saying that I am immune to any potential dangers up there, but I was approached by a “stockpiler” of arms up there. I will soon get a documentary style video on that aspect and work my way down to the makers themselves.

      Thank you, Mark, for being in such support of my channel. I am grateful 🙏

    • @Q Adventures Noo problem and I’m greatful to you as well for what you’re doing with Gel. Obviously I don’t have anything invested in her but as a viewer ‘m greatful that you’re helping to guide her towards being a quality content provider. Before I found your channel andsaw the video that introduced Gel, I had been watching a number of the other channels coming out of the Philippines and I was getting pretty frustrated because all I saw were channels exploiting the willingness of young Filapinas to hook up with and marry foreigners as a way of getting out of poverty. I’m not saying that’s wrong per se but it does depress me because there is so much more to the Philippines then just that. So I appreciate channels like yours and now Gel’s that shows us more then that.

    • Yes Mark… my purpose of coming here should be quite apparent from my videos and I am glad you are able to identify it. Gives me reassurance 🫶

    • Nah. You got it wrong brah. Male and female CAN have a regular friendship. You are probably brainwashed by watching too much other content. 2 of these girls are getting sponsorship from me to pursue higher education, 1 gay, 1 12 yr old, one 14 yr old, etc. Don’t get things twisted bruh. I’m not that channel

    • In short… $60 with captain and crew for the entire day. I will do a vid about it later tonight.

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