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  • HI BUDHA D👋. Nice work by you brother 👍Very nice people at the stand!! Girls are so ADORABLE 🥰 AND CUTE:)). You should have been the parade queen!!! 😂Blessings 🙏🌺🌸🌼

  • @Q Adventures. What awesome vlog Derek and so much smiles and laughter and the weather was beautiful for the event.
    Crazy girls, but so much fun bro.😂😂

  • I did not know you were giving away free food, that the giving back to the people of filipino people. That’s what I like about you.

  • Happy 2024 people Jesus is coming soon now is the time to be saved by faith in Jesus death burial and Resurrection his blood is washed all who believe on him their sins away and we have a free passport to Heaven called Grace

  • Cool video brother. It was nice of you to support the small family business. And you chose the right group of females that were entertaining and not shy. The little girl giving the hotdogs I hope learned of doing good deeds. Way to go and keep showing the people of the Philippines the goodness and kindness of the USA. I do the same when I’m there. Be safe.

  • You found a funny and gregarious family to interact with😊
    Well done Derek, and you made many people smile and feel grateful 😊 a lovely video to watch. 😊

  • That family was so happy 😂😂😂 it made me happy watching it they were amazing thank you for sharing that with me derek😊😊😊

  • If we had this type of generosity around the world there would be no need for anger nor hunger. Well done brother. ❤❤

    • It’s 20 BUCKS!!! Your are right!!! $20 to put even 1 smile, you will sleep better at night… I promise

    • @@qadventures it’s not about the $20 it’s about the being human factor…. Remember Ken. You did that to show humanity.

  • So cute as most of the kids aren’t used to someone give them something for Free as you Brightened allot of peoples lives. Such a kind act from being given a seat in the shade. That 1000 peso donation of good will was so much appreciated better than sitting at the Parade for Santo Nino (child Jesus) as it is supposedly the Biggest Festival in the Philippines and attended by Millions. You even got a cold water to help cool you down.. How Cool is that

  • I watched this video twice now the second time with my wife because it was one of your best. You really represent really well. Your not fake and that is something I appreciate. I only watch vloggers in the Philippines and you are far one of my favorites. You don’t take advantage of women like most do by showing them off for purpose of more views. These women were very pretty and you showed them very respectfully. You could have done more and you took the high road. You are the same with Ai your respectful with her and I never see any rude or inappropriate comments towards her. Good job. And im not a prude im married to a rather hot filipina that hates when people show off their filipina partner as objects

    • @@qadventures we can’t be perfect all the time. And again I’m not a prude I just love that in your mind I know your saying these females are attractive and you still didn’t exploit them for your gain

  • husband speaking, I would have commented earlier but was in YouTube or AI jail for 24 hours for suggesting that
    stores in the U.S. could halt shoplifting if they would just use a powder puff. Oh, hate speech, since when is the truth
    hate speech, I guess in what’s his names U.S. Anyway, my wife and I saw the start of the Sinulog in 1970, first parade.
    We were in Cebu and on our way back to her Aunts home when we ran into this small parade, sure didn’t know what it would
    turn into then. We went one time maybe 12 years ago. We were there a good six hours and the back of the parade hadn’t even
    started yet when we left. It is much too long and on a hot day, so dangerous even for the local young folks to march in.

  • Looks so hot Derek – the weather reminds me of Texas in the summer. You’re so wonderful to buy the children hot dogs – I know they really appreciated it! The hot dogs were big but didn’t cost much! ❤

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