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  • Derek, you’re a good person. We love watching your channel. Keep up the great work and also a great friend! Our XMAX 300 we will have soon!

  • Did you say 2024 NMAX? Is it possible to get black and gold 2024 XMAX 300? I already have black on gold 2023 XMAX 300 lined up but I really want a 2024 one to buy. I believe they are 299500 php right?

  • Morning guys! I just Paid my Respects to the Family last week for the Passing of the Father. Papa was a very good man!!! I got to know him very well.

  • That’s wonderful of you Derek, to help Scotty get his bike. So nice to see Ann Marie selling – bless her heart! I wonder if Bernadetta will ever get married again. ♥

  • HI U2👋. Vibrant community with beautiful people & smiles galore:))). Nice of you again with your gracious help in picking up Scotty’s scooter 🛴👍🙏.BUDHA D your a great (ASS)et 😂to your community. Blessings 🙏🌺🌸🌼

  • @Q Adventures. Another great vlog Derek and super hot looking day in the beautiful Philippines. Derek to the rescue again.
    Keep em rolling bro 30k is close.

  • Great video – networking/helping is so important! Congrats Scotty on your New ride, great bike and thumbs up Derek – looking forward to seeing the accessories set-up. Have a great day Derek.

  • Honesty and loyalty means a lot. If it’s ever broken, I AM not so forgiving.

    Honor and character matter the most to me.

    Mr. Q, You have both.

  • You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Can’t help those, that can’t help themselves. You’re a good man Derek.

  • Why you mention in front of the fruit seller . That you purchased his daughter a pair of shoes ?
    Your not very humble

  • I share your outlook on giving a helping hand up to better the situation but expect the one I’m helping to hold up thier end to receive further help so it’s not just a hand out. 🙏💕🙏 Much Love sent my friend. 😊🇺🇸

    • Yes, sir. No handouts here. It becomes an overwhelming obligation. If you don’t want to help yourself, no one can help you

  • Absolutely you usually have very good judgment on people, and go with your end tuition and I’m sure you will be spot on. There are too many people in this world that would be very grateful and tend to business with a business opportunity. Could be she just not that mature at her age to I always say you can bring a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Save your resources and go on to another one good idea

  • This is good in life.. A mans word and character is his greatest asset..
    Keep up being a good man…
    Steel sharpens steel…

  • Walking down the street and his interactions with the neighbors and kids shows how Good and Nice of a person Derek is. I’ve never seen him frown and just like Ai when she tried to the prank video when she was supposed to act mad but nobody had ever seen her upset.. Good People, Many Kudos

  • The Financial system is not efficient. It’s like going back 50 years. Even using Visa Debit cards that can be run as credit can cause a headache. If they want to be a modern country, a financial hub, they need to really invest in multiple levels of infrastructure.

  • Great video with a perfect ending Derek. I reckon at 83 i’m your oldest subby? I picked up on your final comments Derek and i agree wholeheartedly with your viewpoint, that as expats we should all stand together because we are a minority in a foreign country. If we do this and we all know each other pretty much it gives us a kind of defence against being exploited by those that would exploit us for minor breaches of etiquette that some foreigners might find themselves in on Cebu, in our case? Years ago i put a proposal to my several American, Australian and British fellow expats in our Province, Sogod, Cebu, that we form a Trust amongst us with a couple of us as Trustees so that we build up a substantial Bank Balance, that we can use this money to support other Expats who unfortunately find themselves in dire straights financially through no fault of themselves, so that we can assist them to clear their debts or alternatively we can finance their flight back to their respective countries. These would have been people we know well personally, not strangers. Sadly, and i do understand why, my social friends mostly declined to get involved. I never mentioned it again, but my wife and i have assisted a couple of individuals with overseas phone calls and some cash to help them because we felt sorry for them being in that predicament through no fault of their own. We are no fools Derek and we respect the person you are, truthful and honest, no b/s, down to earth, just like us.Can’t stand bullies or liars. Many of my friends are Vietnam Vets, just as i am also a NZ Army Infantry Veteran and a former Highway Cop. Had a lot to do with bikes Derek, both departmental Patrol Bikes and many privately owned. Take care and regards to you and Ai. Bob and Lina. NZ. (See you in late 2025).

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