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  • It would be cool if Ai could do an interview with the shopkeepers and ask them how much their business has increased thanks to Dereks contributors, most common sizes and brands sold, struggles of keeping footwear stocks and store space, or just their daily grind.

  • Thanks to Tony for donating and Q and Ai for bringing these young ladies down to get new shoes. Maybe you should start bringing a pair of socks with you whenever you go, since they need it to try on the shoes and never have them.

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful video. All the people are so deserving and it’s so 👍👍 thankyou😊😊❤

  • Well done Tony & Derek! Derek, I can only imagine the happiness and joy you must feel making these young people so happy!!!

  • HI U2👋. Great job Tony & David 👍🙏😉. Nice jester BUDHA D & AI🙏. Bro you forgot to offer them your high heels 👠!!! LOL 😂 Blessings 🙏🌸🌼🌺

  • @Q Adventures. Woooow god bless you Derek your a true pillar to the community for helping these young ladies out.
    A big thanks to your man Tony again.
    Love these vlogs and I see your subs are getting bigger always.😊❤

    • @@qadventures I can understand why they do that Derek, coz every vlog I watch I hit the thumbs up bottom, but wen I see the views and the small amount of likes it doesn’t make sense to me, coz if your going to watch the vlog hit the like bottom, coz it helps your channel grow.

    • @markhetherington6964 yes. And many of the subscribers, I have gained through Ken’s videos and my other videos doesn’t seem to appeal to them

    • @@qadventures I love Ken’s videos Derek, but of course I love all your vlogs and I always watch your live feeds, but unfortunately I watch them after that you have gone live, coz you are always live wen am sleeping or working lol..😂😂
      Keep up the good work bro your doing good.

  • Thank you for you and other foreigners being good people. Shoes, motorcycle helmets, etc. Great public relations and I’m sure that it makes you feel great also.

  • Maybe you can start a donation to help Edmarie to get her teeth fixed. That would improve her life more than anything.

    • I don’t ask for donations. I felt it more important to help her start a profitable business so she can prioritize her own life through mentorship. I just have a PayPal link up for those who wants to contribute, voluntarily, to whatever they see on my channel and agree with

  • I just sent you a small donation cad $50 for your drive to buy shoes for children in Lapu lapu. Enjoy your video and what Ai and you are doing for the community.

    • Thank you, Baba. However, how did you send it? It didn’t receive anything today. It’s not important, but I just want to coordinate, in case you send it to the wrong individual or your $50 is held in linger somewhere else

    • @@qadventures I sent it via PayPal and address it to Q Adventures LLC. I hope that is correct. First time doing it. I also sent you an email. Regards.

  • husband ‘s back emotional I can tear up in an instant for something happy sad anything to do with animals,
    it can be a little embarrassing at times, in fact a lot. I guess I would rather be over emotional than none at all.

  • # 2 last year as we always arrive in Nov. my wife went to the Nike store near Everett, Wash. and bought 5 pair
    of real brand shoes – on sale – but the price still hurts, for some workers here in Vistamar. Actually they live outside
    but these workers spent several weeks painting our home and perimeter fence inside and out. Oh and our roof, 3 coats
    of bright red. We went through many gallons of paint. My wife also feeds the workers lunch. Our fence steel ( that’s a laugh )
    bars were painted too, very time consuming but the painter got 500 pesos a day for at least 3 weeks. Flida grew up very poor so she is always trying to help some of the folks when we arrive.

  • Happy faces all around even the uncle and a new subscriber too 😊👏 Well done Tony, David, Derek and Ai 🙂👏 many blessings 😊

  • Hi from America. I’m not being mean it’s just a idea. If we all could donate to help fix the girl with glasses teeth. It would help her self esteem because she is so young. I was in the same boat once so I know how it feels.

    • You are not being mean and it’s a very valid point. The problem is, I don’t ask. Viewers contribute however they wish on their free will. From my perspective, I rather invest time and effort to help her build a profitable business so she can prioritize herself and not just be given anything

  • ⁠​Note: Comment not related to this specific video but to an older video. Agree with one of the commenters. In general, Filipino people are loving and very family oriented. But…. there are also so many scammers mostly those coming from love romance dating sites where these girls who are mostly from the provinces and with low education attainment marry or have live in foreigners for money, to go abroad and not for love. Sad to see there are so many foreigners (mostly European, Australian and Americans) who’ve been or continue to be scammed from these dating sites. Beware foreigners and do your homework before jumping into committed relationship or marriage. And be ready to support the entire girl’s family when you marry a Filipina.

    • I don’t hang out on these sites to know the reference. But ASSUMING what you say is true, do you think these foreigners share the responsibility of being “scammed”? “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me…” is that not applicable if you are stating frequency? With the divorce rate in the west, is THAT a form of scamming? Breaking a “till death do us part” contract???

      I don’t know… I am not making a statement. I am asking questions

    • @@qadventures…I ‘m not going to lie but I did watch a few foreigner (again mostly Australians, Europeans and Americans) videos and has long stopped watching them. I only watch Raffy Tulfo in Action program when the show is about a foreigner got scammed by a Filipina. And I fully agree with you in saying that these foreigners share the responsibility in getting scammed. That’s why I made a reminder at the end of my first comment that these foreigners should do their homework before getting into a committed relationship with a Filipina. I live in US and know divorce rate in the West is high. For me , I’d rather see a couple split and break the “ till death do us part contract” than continue living in an abusive marriage …. physical and emotional, leaving their small children without financial support, having mistresses, etc. …. which is prevalent in the Philippines mostly for both Filipino marriages. American wives are not willing to put up with these problems so divorce for them is easy as they can make a living on their own and live a normal family life even as single parents. If you’ll just do some research, relationship (with foreigners) fraud is a persistent problem in the Philippines. Sorry for my long comment.

  • I can’t imagine walking in slippers always, poor feet. I guess they are used to it but I would have serious foot pain. Is it possible to find bigger sizes at all in the Phillipines or should I bring a bunch? Im US seize 12 or 13 depending on the model.

  • My wife is from Cavite and we both understand how difficult life is . Even worse for overseas workers .
    Blessings upon you always

  • Wearing a pair yourself you’ll find out how well they last, knockoff shoes fit in different categories,
    – the factory rejects are pretty good last well and are comfortable (usually just have QC issues like stitching in the wrong place
    – copy shoes can be comfortable but may be made from inferior materials and so not last long
    – really bad copies not only don’t last but are uncomfortable as well
    Hopefully they are not the last type🤞

    • @@qadventuresI see a lot of QC rejects in Indonesia too, as well as the other copy types. Indonesia has (or at least didn’t last time I looked into it) no copyright law so copy products can be sold legally, so many copy dvd movies and software sold in the malls because no laws being broken. I don’t buy because Australia’s laws make them illegal to bring back with you or to use.

  • There you go again Derek doing what you do best macking these children happy , good selections girls see when you do kindness how love comes back to you . Thank you our lovely friend Derek. Love from Canada 🇨🇦🙏🎄🌟

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