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  • Amen for him but I just wonder now that he’s going home if his social security from United States will ever be reinstated

    • It will be put it could take time.
      May-be because he is under the british ambassey it will be sorted a lot faster.

    • Social security works by pay at beginning of each month so it’s likely he will get paid in early January direct deposit to his bank.

  • Wow…ken is going home to the UK now, i wish somebody will take good care of him there like the way u do John. ❤❤❤

    • From the moment he lands ken not his real name will be taken into custody and taken care of the same as any other prisoner.

    • @@davidlamb7524 I may not trust a lie detector test 100 percent, but gut never fails, watch this man listen to his highly unlikely story, his not wanting to reunite with relatives, ask yourself if you trust him unconditionally, and remember that often those that commit the worst crime find in the Philippines a much more tolerant and target rich environment for their unholy penchant for toddler flesh. In the video when he sings with his friend, I believe the man refers to him as Steve after a set, you watch it and form your opinion. Also, his friend was very serious about not being identified. Having said that I sincerely hope I am wrong. And he is not utilizing the credential of his deceased roommate.

  • You have been doing so much work to help Ken. Amazing…! On top of that you help so many other . ❤

  • I’m so glad for Ken, I’m not the praying type but I hope with all my heart he gets a good Christmas and does not end up lonely and isolated.

    Don’t know how many times I called you “the man”, at least a few 🙂 The thing is you say “I couldn’t just go by and do nothing” Well that right there is what makes you different from big chunks of this world population!

    Then humble as you are you say many helped, right you are but not much of that would have happened if it wasn’t for you who could not just simply walk by and do nothing, rings on the water push it forward effect.

    And I probably sound like a Derek fanboy, and guess what I think I am🤣

  • ❤ Such Amazing News For Ken ❤ Thankyou Derek Ai , You 100% Saved Ken & Now He Looks so Good , Ready to Travel 👍 And U deserve 🇵🇭⭐🌴 God bless 🙏 Ken’s safe travels ❤ 🦘🦘🦘✅ AUSTRALIAN-GUY

  • Wow, that’s great. I’m so happy for Ken. At least no more flies in UK. Congratulations for your undying support for Ken.

  • Derek great news we’ve got Ken back on Monday 18th December. I have been in’- touch with media again this week’s they are aware of the British Embassey doing this repatriation. I’m sure Ken’s going to be looked after when he arrives back to UK. Thanks a Lot for everything youv done to make this all possible for Ken. Hope to see this all Live video as Ken parts from airport onto his new adventure to his place of birth WALES.

  • I thought there are few people wants to accommodate Ken in UK .ive seen that in one of your videos in the comment section. . I guess thats is in the 2nd video or 3rd vid about ken. 😊

  • He’ll never afford the £££ to get his passport back (once in the UK). So it’s a one way trip to UK. And unfortunately Ken is so frail, he will sadly pass away within a year. That is the stark reality……

    • I don’t know about that. No one has an expiration barcode on back of their neck. If Ken gets medical treatment he needs, better nutrition, gains some weight, has access to his own funds, gets housing, recovers his sense of self and mental health, has more hope for his future, Ken may surprise us all. He has lived this long under very trying, very difficult conditions. He is a survivor! Elderly who live as he has often live well into their 80s and 90s. Let’s let the man live to tell his tale. Maybe he will be on the UK talk show circuit or write a book. Ken has that will to live that makes a huge difference in longevity. He has a plan, he has social services charity helping him, UK media are ready to greet him at the airport as a tubeu star with a personal interest story. Let’s be kind and know Derek and his wife the viewers to the channel and the government bureaucracies and the kind woman who took Ken in Bernadette all worked to help Ken have a chance to live free of poverty and ill health. It’s a story of human kindness prevailing over indifference and suffering. What a triumph!

  • I hope somebody is taking care of Ken in the U.K. he is such a lovely man! They are a lot of lonely people, in the U.K.,and old people, hope the man will be o.k.!

  • You have done a wonderful job in helping Ken the whole way. So glad it has a happy ending. Wishing Ken all the very best back in UK. Safe trip😂🙏

  • Great job sir yo realy help Ken thank you do that I am sorry same my word a hope you fore give me. You did great sir kept it up

  • Derick, anyone that’s supporting you, trust your integrity. People understand Ken’s problem has been a learning curve , dealing with number of agencies.. The goal was set and almost there..

    • Thank you, Rangi. I just wanted to keep the door open for those who are new and have contributed. We have met recently and you see how real I am in person

  • Thank you for all you do for Ken. God will multiply His blessings n favors to you and your family. I hope you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior from sin. 🙏😇

  • Good luck to Ken, he certainly have a good friend and human in you Derek. Derek you are a kind and unselfish man and I am wishing you God’s richest blessings. Hoping that Ken will find immediate housing after hospitalization and stay well and healthy for a long time.🙏🏽🍀❤

  • 13:20 he probably nervous about coming back to the UK, and if he doesn’t like it here hows he going to get back out of the UK which i don’t blame him!

  • If you go to Thailand and return two days prior to Ken’s departure, is two days enough for you to take care of everything for Ken? I’m just worried.

    • Plenty. My Thailand trip was booked before I met Ken. I can’t abandon personal obligations and I have staff, my neices and network of people back there to assist on demand. As you can see, the 2 girls I recently purchased shoes for, 1 cuts his nails, the other walks with him.

  • I have donated to Ken through you. I am happy you use that money as you see fit. Thanks Tim. I am in the UK, I think the UK Embassy will require Ken to repay the Flight cost no matter what happens. The payment for visa fines and return of passport will be a separate issue. Good luck take your time.

    • Thank you for your understanding, Darby. I went over the emergency loan agreement with Ken today and he repays when he wants his passport back

  • Q you seem like a nice guy but I have some doubt on your intentions. Chinese generally can’t be trusted. Money trumps everything. You can see that on the products they make on their policies, on the food when it goes bad in china they dye it rather throwing it away. When buying bakery products when there’s egg in it, it could be fake. I still don’t know your intentions. Your channel has grown immensely since videoing Ken.

    • Ok. I was born in Vietnam. Never been to China once in my life, neither do I have a desire. My great grandparents escaped China in an effort rebel against the Qing Dynasty.

      You know the iPhone is made in China? If you choose to purchase your goods at Walmart, you get what you pay.

      If you want to bring bigotry into this, I gotta point out your ignorance, Mr. Billy Johnson

    • @@qadventures well you might not have chinese tendencies then I don’t know. This is my experiences living in the Philippines and watching you tube videos of people living in china.

    • @@qadventures oh by the way all their crap goes to the Philippines not so much the U S because in the US they have to stand behind it. Go to Thailand and you’ll see the difference of Thai made products.100% better. Just telling you my experiences

  • Note if UK embassy book Kens flight they will not be looking for cheap flights. Uk embassies are generally very good. Just take your time. May your God be with you.

    • Nope. They booked a flight convenient for them to receive Ken with the charity. But it worked out pretty cheap. A little over $700 usd

    • No problem. If you use Facebook, just search 1-626-626-6347 and I should come right up. If you use whatsapp, input +1-626-626-6347 anfld I am there

  • That is great news Derek, the UK Embassy really step up in a good way to get him home and they will also take care of him at the airport when he gets there. Merry Christmas Ken you need the medical assessment and taken care of. I cant wait to see you at the airport i will cry i have tears of joy already.. God bless you Derek. The donation can go towards his passport whatever he have to pay to get it back. Love you guys from Canada 🇨🇦🙏🎄❤️

    • Thank you, Reta. Thanks to many supporters to put enough pressure on the embassy to expedite this. I sure did not do this myself

    • yes he needs his passport back as he said before that he want to come back again. anyway merry christmas to you both Ken and Derek

  • Maybe it was better to pay by your self the air flight. instead to use the embassy. because they are a pain in the ass

    • I had explored that option. But it means I have to raise funds, which I don’t want to do, to cover his overstay penalties. That option, I would’ve continued with JRC as I will not have the time to do all the immigration requirements for Ken

  • I have a ? Derek. If the embassy is going to hold on to hold his passport. How can he travel without his passport?

    • The embassy issued him emergency travel documents to present to Philippines immigration at exit point. Apparently… this is common

  • god is good all the time…godbless more both of you derek & ken…stay safe..stay strong always….

  • It seems easier to keep it simple,you are going home for free. Best not to mention getting passport back or paying fines,he will most likely never travel again. Appreciate the great job you are doing,not just with Ken 👍

  • I can’t understand why the UK government can’t just get him a business class seat. They are rich enough to do it.

    • Ken will have to pay his plane ticket to get his passport back. So it’s best that he’ll buy economy class. If the UK plane will upgrade him then it’ll be for free.

    • The UK cannot or will not pay for its citizens travel costs back to the UK when they get into financial difficulties unless they are willing to repay the costs. Remember its the UK tax payer who is paying the bill.

  • I am so glad Ken had your help as it seems a nightmare.
    I wish you a good trip to thailand.
    Also a good trip for Ken to get back home. It looks as he has a direct flight. I am so glad for him.

  • What a great Christmas present. I wish you the best Ken to finally get back to UK. I am so grateful for all your help to make this happen by documenting Ken on tubeu. Thank you also all the supporters who helped make this possible with financial assistance, emotional support, and people who have advice on how to navigate the emigration and social security bureaucracy. The elderly are a vulnerable population. Ken is 100% improved from when we first learned of him. Thank you Bernadette for taking Ken in to get him out of the Juvenile Hall residence. Angels were looking out for you Ken! Thank you British Govt for getting Ken back to UK and paying for his visa overstay penalty.

    • At last ken is going home, thanks derek and bernadette, question who will be with him in UK and who will take care of him

    • Actually the UK government embassy ( throughout, sir Emmanuel’s efforts?), as far as I can tell, merely arranged with the immigration dept of the Philippines, to defer payment. Should Ken wish to return to the Philippines. He will have to pay the various charges and penalties first ( over 100k pesos.) !
      It was mentioned in one of the videos already! Very generous of them I might say!

  • Congrats on all what you have accomplished 👍🏼 To take away the confusion and misconceptions, he will have to pay all bills either at a financial plan or all in ones, whichever he is capable of.
    Even if he doesn’t want his passport back.

    Because what they meant is, he only receives his passport back after all outstanding bills are paid off but either way, he is expected to pay all outstanding bills either way.
    As far as I know of, all UK citizens have the obligation to identify themselves at all times where he gets an exception for for the time being as his passport is confiscated.

    • I get the opinion a UK charity in UK is helping fund flight home with UK embassy in Manila doing the paperwork for repatriation since Ken’s passport has been confiscated. So the embassy did not say Ken needs to pay back flight.

  • Thanks for your input and your friendship with ken and Paul with input which pointed you into the right direction and you have helped a fellow UK greatful 👍

    • Maybe, I think he is hard of hearing and don’t forget he has a tbi head injury so he may have a little brain damage from that, some mild cognitive delay. And bring malnourished for so long he is still recovering from that.

  • What a great job you have done you are a angel, safe travels Ken I hope you get the care you need 🙏🙏🙏💜

  • Derek ignore the negative people you have done a great job you truly are a good human being 🙏🙏🙏💜

  • Great news I really hope when Ken arrives in Heathrow airport London that he can be transferred to south wales to his hometown as their will be perhaps old friends who can possibly make contact with him and their will be senior meetings like coffee days etc which would be amazing

  • Am happy what a good kind personyou are to help this british man in need how miserable his life before you came across with him GOD BLESS YOU for helping make ken life better. Appreciate all the people who help ken GOD will reward your generosity kindness of heart keep doing agood humanitarian work

  • Well done Derek! You are an inspiration, sir. I’m so happy for Ken, he’s such a likable person – I wish him the very best. I for one can’t wait for the follow up videos and conversations with Ken when he is in the UK!

  • Derek your a good man you have really went above and beyond to help Ken no one could have done a better job than you sir you are worth your weight in gold

  • That’s the Most Exciting News to hear. Ken will soon Knock on U.K’s Doors!!! Congratulations 🎉🎊🎉!!!

  • You’ve done a good job in helping Ken. If I may suggest, however, why don’t you secure a written terms and conditions (thru email) from the UK embassy on specific details about what they want and the estimated payment for the plane fare, reimbursement for visa penalty for overstaying, etc. Also, be specific about the things that are pro bono and what are not. This way, you and Ken would not be confused. Also, I remember that Ken doesn’t want to stay in the UK for the rest of his life as he dislikes winter. So, what would happen to that plan if UK authorities confiscate Ken’s passport? The UK embassy’s terms and Ken’s written agreement should be prioritized than the winter clothes, etc.

    • they did send a loan agreement for Ken after this video posted. the fare was $700+ and admin fee was $100+. In UK pounds was 500+, if I remember correctly

  • thank you to all who have been working so hard to get Ken the help he needs. He is looking so much better now. Praying things will continue to go smoothly and soon Ken will be on his way home. God Bless all who have helped.Ken is looking great and GOD BLESS all who have helped,and GOD BLESS Ken as he is reunited with Loved Ones! 🤗🤗❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Well Done Ken,Derek and Ai. Glad to hear the good news. Now I wish you the smoothest and safest of journeys. May you also find good care and help whilst you are in the U.K. May you also sort of all your issues,medical and financial successfully.
    Best WISHES Ken ❤🙏

  • Thank you for all that you do, your kindness I can tell is sincere, hopefully this will inspire others to pay it forward, if you can please keep us updated on Ken, I would like to help in the future if he needs anything

  • Hello Derek I perceive you are very good Samaritan to Ken. So far, you have honestly helped Ken and that is very remarkable. I am sure, to Ken you are the most wonderful thing that happened to him. If Ken does feel that way, I agree with him. He looks happy, you made him happy. Thank you to your Channel…and I have decided to subscribed to your channel…to follow Ken’s journey to the UK.

    • I hope you also give my other videos a chance. I mainly provide resources to local kids to break the poverty cycle already with 1 success in less than a year.

  • Don’t mind the naysayers kuyz Derek, you have done so much for Ken. Those who have ill words towards you for vlogging the journey of Ken are just jealous and they might be thinking you will benefit (directly from Ken)on this while infact you’re sacrificing much for doing the work. And WHO CARES if you are vlogging this for views, its helping Ken also.

    • thank you. without the publicity, i will not have the same resources I had to assist Ken. The success is done by the viewers who passed on the wisdom and support. Marissa Lake (a Filipina) from Luzon who sent the vitamins and resourceful contact numbers, the wisdom from all around the world… I’m just the dude with a camera and a laptop

  • May God bless you and Ai for all that you have done for Ken.You are a good man Derek.May God bless Ken and keep him safe as he heads home to the UK.

  • If donations have been made they would be helpful to pay for Ken’s fees and the return of his passport I hope anyone who has given donations will agree to this and hopefully more donations will continue to be received to cover every cost of expenditures 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • I think a better use would be for car rentals, money for food etc. this way Derek doesnt have to come out of pocket for that.

    • @@BrandSolutions that’s what I’ve said in above comment the cost of every expenditure which would include Derek’s expenditures

    • that’s exactly what it is. With participation from this community, it gave me the courage to invest in his nutrition, hiring local students to keep his hygene, to exercise him while I am not available, etc. Without the support of this Q Community, I would probably not pursue investigating in his banking situation as well as social security. It takes up a lot of time and resources.

  • I was confused too at the start,like Ken.
    Derek..just keep it simple. Tell him the embassy is paying for everything now. If he wants his passport back he needs to pay back the embassy.
    If he stays in the U.K he doesnt owe them anything.
    Best with Ken is to keep it short,precise and to the point I think.No extra information if its not relevant.
    Good job Derek keep doing a good job. ❤

    • i was more so saying it for the viewers to understand. that way I stay protected, myself. as you can see, Ken is fragile. at any moment, he can turn and my attempts at philanthropy will end.