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  • You are definitely someone I must talk with. It is about a business plan I have, to help my youngest son.

    You might be able to help me with some invention ideas I have as well.

  • Would you agree, the Phils is all about what you can find, not what you can afford? ) Do you have any ADV 350s for rent? ADV160? Why do you not prefer white color? Hope to rent from you next trip. Also how can there be so many damn Roosters there??? even in cities. WTF. Regards.

  • Land of IE and no CS..just an observation over the last 20 yrs of visiting and working in the Philippines. Hahaha..it is what it is…crack on bro.

  • Embrace the culture and live a better life, my friend, remember that you’re in their country. the reason you’re there is because of all of it. ❤ Start working to live and Stop living to work.

  • there is very little consumer protection in the Philippines in. i bought a new motorcycle in 2023 for cash that was advertised as a 2022. when the or/cr came in it was stated as a 2020 model. the receipt from the dealer and the insurance certificate all said 2022. when i brought this to the attention of the dealer he said that it was ok because the models didn’t change from 2020-2022. this would never occur in the USA. i felt like he should have offered my something for the mistake.

    • Not much customer service in the Philippines. Been here 10 months leaving in 2 weeks. Great if you can or in many cases need to live in a 3rd world country cause of money. But thankfully I do not.

    • YES in Dumaguete the Rusi scooter people did the same thing to me. After i buy it, I keep losing it at Robinsons mall parking lot because all the scooters look the same. So i had to take off all the plastic panels and paint them crazy colors. This helps the bike parking people remember what bike was mine.

  • Can’t you put in a special order with one company or do they not need the money? 🥴🤐😵‍💫

  • I worked 5 years as a Honda motorcycle mechanic. If I was buying one in the P.I. I would specify that I wanted a white seat cover. Think how much cooler it would be in the hot sun. BTW, Q, I spent a year in Vietnam 11-68 to 11-69 as a mechanic on the helicopter engines. First I was at Di An for 10 weeks then we were moved south to Vinh Long. I just found your channel last night and today subscribed to Gel’s channel too. What a sweetheart. If you can get a message to her tell her I can see her as an airline stewardess on Philippine Air Lines. That would eventually get her to see the USA. My wife is from Manila and we got together in 1986.

  • HI U2👋! High roller BUDHA D $$$.Congratulations on business success 🙏. Patience is virtue my brother BUDHA D👍. Good things come to those who are willing to wait 👍. Blessings 🙏🌺🌸🌼

  • I’ve rented from Derek Several times and his Bike’s are always in Great shape and so glad to see his business expanding. While it may seem like a bad thing to turn away business it is fantastic to be running at full capacity as expansion at steady pace will increase and pay for itself.. I still think he should have a few dedicated Rusi for resort (s) only and offer upgrade to PCX or Nmax and for Super Traveler the Xmax as Gravis and Mio good for city. But hope some are like Jason who give some of Bike’s rental to Derek’s Philanthropy cause, as 200 peso day equal $100 month as allot of us would pay the premium knowing it is going to a Great Cause.

  • Great video. Love that you pay homage to your culture. You know I love the Philippines and the Filipino people but what you have to understand is we as foreigners in their homes we cant change their world. We have to live with their rules and just love life. Be blessed dont spend time bitching and being stressed. Vent your feelings and move on. Be safe and ride on.

  • YUP life in PH. took me 6 months to get my ARC card. come back next week sir. And never buy a Rusi. they fall apart fast. I am impressed with the level of bike your renting. Most places i have seen look like junk parts bikes. I was in China and some of their government office take 3 hour lunch. in US most business does employee lunch in groups so the entire place does not need to shut down. But NOOOO in PH and China, Lunch break is the kiss of death. Me impressed that you spend extra to upgrade the bikes. I never seen anyone do that before on rentals.

  • Hi Derek & Ai , Yes 😂 Doing Any ✅ Business ❤ In Philippines ❤ Is Frustrating 🤣 Derek, Thanks for Helping ! Scotty Boy ✅ Get his Nmax ❤ Great Choice 4Him Scotty’s Scooter Adventures ❤To Find his Province Baberoonie❤+ Nmax,Great Resale ✅Scotty is A Bit Of A Legend 🌟 Like U 🌟 Derek. Hope Ken is Going Ok 🙏 Best Wishes to U & Lovely Ai ✅ AUSTRALIAN-GUY 🦘🦘🦘

  • Im hearing you about the frustration- I collected a package from Skylander Terminal in Manila one time- i was early but if you dont give a little HELP$ th pens run out of ink and lots of delays – Your a special person setting up that business

    • @@qadventures I would have told them to stick their bikes and went somewhere else if their minds are that undeveloped.

  • SORRY SIR OUT OF STOCK HAHA THEY JUST DON”T CARE. Customer service is the worst in the Philippines.

  • But they say the Filipinos are the best in the world…lol. They smile at you sir and they speak English…talaga?! You should have called the owner and told them you were going to spend 300K piso anymore since their lunch was too important than settling the deal.

  • Great video – defiantly unique experience doing business transactions here alone never mine what you are doing. Hello from David & Bella – Dumaguete

    • Believe me, they were the 7th business we went to and (believe it or not) the best situation given the circumstances

  • Buying a motorcycle here (Luzon) has had its own challenges, too. Hopefully soon I’ll be on 2 wheels again? 🤞

    • Yes Albert. It turned out she had puppet masters working in the background. I offered resources but they were more interested in cash money over paid psychology sessions

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