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  • J.R. shows Innovation and how he will succeed at anything as he saw a “Need” and made a Business out of Helping Expats as it is shows how the Compassion, empathy and happy helpfulness and so many Great qualities of a Filipino culture. As them being such Humanitarians is built-in to their nature. Just like you could feel the Gigantic smile behind the Security Guards masked face; as this makes the Philippines so Appealing to us Expats. Having someone to assist getting thru the “Red tape” is worth the money as it saves so much time as it makes our “Quality of Life” Much Better

    • That’s the outside the box thinking that elevated him. He sees the value of foreign money and wages and he was able to build a business to service that community

  • I seen another vloggers channel had a guest that was very attractive and spoke very good English! I think she came from Cebu office and started one in there in Duma.

  • Great to see another vlogger interview JR, I wish him all the best in his business venture, Did you see GIO’s interview on the tv lol

    • I’m still keeping my eyes and ears open for resources, but their situation is extremely difficult as they don’t even have a valid ID from their own country along with the manner they entered the Philippines

  • That was a great humantarian that JR did for Ken. I did reach out to JR when I was considering a K1 visa for my gf. He is correct his office doesn’t do K1 visa as of yet. So, when I got back to the states called an immigration lawyer they wanted 7k USD for K1 visa processong. I decided to tackle it myself. Submitted on 7/2023 still waiting on US Embassy for gf’s approval for interview. Hopefully will hear in the coming months. 🙏. I’m sure JR’s office does great work for expats 👍.

  • husband watching – I haven’t followed this story but when my wife tried to get a final, one signature, just one from the
    Santa Lucia official in Manila, it took 3 Fn years for that idiot to put his name on the title of our unit. Oh he is out of the
    office, he is out of the country, he is on vacation, is no one else able to sign a simple document? Only in the Philippines.

  • Excellent interview, JR is an amazing person, I’ve watched a few videos with him involved, a very busy person now, yet still humble and professional at the same time. Thank you Derek and Ai 😊

  • JRC is the organization that can get it done, when not knowing where to go. I don’t know what they did, for as Ken. That’s why you went to JRC. And thing happened.

  • Great video ! It can be hard in any country to find a honest good person or firm to help with immigrations paper or visa ! Too many are just out to make money. This kind of intervjues can be very helpful. 🙂

  • Just friendly advice….in your videos…put in words with # then they will come up when ppl do searches.

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