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  • You need to pick up charcoal pills when you come back to the states . They help with food poisoning they get the toxins out of your system . I have a couple bottles of them over their because I have gotten very sick from street bbq . Needless to say I do not eat street food anymore when I visit . I could not find those pills anywhere over their in the Davao area where I go to .

    • Derek has to venture out as everyone already seems to know him on the street he lives on as they recognize him whenever he walks it. There seems to be so much to see everywhere you look in the Philippines and it is super cool; but big learning curve figuring out where things are at.

  • I agree with your perception of the locals automatically assuming people of Asian descent are all Korean. It’s the same for me, they automatically think i am an American but i’m not, we just look the same, LoL. Thats not to say i have anything against Americans, i have several American close friends and we have been for a long time. Bob.

  • that is the way I grew up as a kid in America nothing like today kids stay in all day playing with computers, not even getting out to see the real world

    • I think I was probably the last generation playing outside as the Nintendo was released when about 12 yrs old

  • I Loved the Boy running past but still waved and said Hi 🤣 I LOVE the Open Markets where most of expats don’t like the smell and crowds 😋I enjoy all the Industrious small business people how they make a store out of nothing. And kids playing on Natural playground out of a tree using their imagination and the kites had me remembering my kids and childhood. Simple pleasures made your and My heart happy today. Thanks Derek & Ai 😉

  • I really enjoyed that tour today! Have you and Bernadetta decided on what you are going to sell in her store? 👍🏼♥️🇨🇦

    • Not yet. Bernadetta will not be involved beyond being the home owner and we creating a profit sharing environment for her

  • Nice walk around town 😊 great to see the kids playing and shouting out vlogger vlogger 🤭😅 Maybe they’re used to a few around town and handing out pesos 😂
    That’s how I used to play as a child with all the neighbourhood kids.

    The Aussies use verbal d… too 😂 as well as saying dribbling sh**, you know the rest 😂

  • husband (Dennis) age 81 The ice blocks remind me of my childhood say 75 years ago and the ice man with his
    truck of 50lb blocks of Ice coming up the alley and stopping at each house. He would use big clamps to grab a block
    and take it to the back door of the home. Folks did not have refrigerators like we have today. A wood chest with one
    compartment for the ice to go into and a screen to the other side to keep what food you put in cold. All the immediate
    kids would run up to the truck in hopes of getting some ice chunks. I do not remember how old I was before we got an
    inside real fridge. I also remember at about age 5 or 6 going to the immediate neighbors house, up the back stairs to their
    back door to see if my friend could come out and play. No one home so I open their fridge and found some fried chicken. I
    took a chicken leg, went home eating it. My mom asked where I got it, the neighbor gave it to me. not

  • Ice may also be made from tap water. When ever we eat out I ask for no ice in the glass and either get a Sprite or
    a bottle of water. I have been hit with the results of bad ice once or twice. Even in a “good” restaurant I do not trust
    them to tell me their ice is from clean water. nope nope nope

  • So many stalls selling the same thing, I wonder how much of the food has to be thrown away each day ? Maybe the
    2nd day.

  • When I grew up in Edmonds, Wash. State. 30 miles N. of Seattle. I could walk all over the small town from about age
    5. No worries about being kidnapped, 4 blocks from my house to Puget Sound. My grade school was directly across the
    street from my home. Of course no tv’s yet, only radio programs, go out and play and just be home before dark.

  • I can relate. I had to close my eyes and open my mouth. many times.But when I ate balut I always kept my eyes open my balut brother
    Sorry I don’t know how to spell balut 😊

  • Sir derek looking forward to meet you on sm consolacion tomorrow together with sir bruce wayne God bless you sir

  • The kids in the tree would be great for intro….

    In a flow of motion. To a feeling. To You, wishing You were there.

  • How does a germaphobe lasted for this long in the PH? You can tell Ai is offended and annoyed by his constant sanitary comments. Say what you want, but their immune system is top notch and their kids aren’t growing up with peanut allergies.

  • “For 50 pesos, you can catch head lice”! Lol
    Great market stands. Hope you didn’t forget to pick the big fish! Very professional precious vendor.
    Great footage of province life. Thank you Derek and Ai!🌺

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