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  • Just subbed to your channel. Saw you on Paul’s channel. Very cool story. I was also Born and raised in the LA area. Can’t wait to get to the Philippines in July next year. I am also 44 🤣

    • Yes brother. I was last in Redondo. Look me up when you jump. Gonna have a motorbike rental business and a Grab business in a bit. Paul and is crew is super supportive in Negros also.

  • New subscriber here, also seen you on Paul’s channel and a home grown Angeleno, Glendale area, been to PH a few times but not yet retired. I was wondering where you will be home based? Island, city? My fiancé lives in Ormoc, Leyte, but not sure I want to settle there.

    • Your girl will go wherever you go bro. No worries about that.

      I am committed to Lapu-Lapu City by mactan Airport for 12 months as I want my business to thrive here. After that, I am looking to head out to the province. Leaning towards negros, but not 100% as of today

  • Great vid👍 I’m 46 and looking to do very similar to what you have done. I’m going to be taking a look at the Philippines and Georgia primarily God willing as potential new homes. I’m currently in the Outback of Australia but have lived in New Zealand and the US. I subbed and look forward to seeing more of your content.

    • Why work until we don’t have the capacity nor energy to take long flights and adventure right? I always wanted to do the outback but lack the survival skills. The large insects too, scary… I just love the water and in the Philippines is perfect for me. Beaches are calm, clear and warm… look me up when you are here

  • I made the move to the Philippine November 3,2022. I been to the Philippine in 2007 with the military on the island of Sulu.I love the people & culture of the Philippine…I’m retired military with 3 Deployment….Now living in Tagum…I going to get an SSRV visa for military…

    • Wow that is not bad I thought it might be over 1k…I know you didnt count the going out traveling part, but it was nice to get a general cost. I figured for rent would be around 500 and electricity around 100. Thanks for the info Derek

    • My pleasure. Just keep in mind living in Manila area is more expensive and living in the province is much cheaper. The point is… there is ALWAYS other option depending what you want your lifestyle to be like and how flexible you are to adapt

    • Been to Manila didnt really like the big city. I’m thinking Cebu , Davao or somewhere in the province depends where i meet my Filipina..lol

    • 1 of the biggest mistake you can make here is to go where she dictates. The general consensus is she will ask you to live close to her family and that’s when you become a bank, relationship will be strained, and you stuck in a place where it’s not ideal for you

  • Hey Derek, Congratulations on finding your way to paradise at a young age. I salute you and your sense of adventure.
    I lived and worked in LA for almost 20 years. I’m grateful for my time out there and my next adventure is to make the big move to the Philippines. I’m not sure exactly where yet, but your place seems cool. I am subscribed to this channel and saw you on the Sunshine Shoulders video. Your star is rising in the expat world. I wish you much success in the coming new year!
    Scotty 😎

    • Thank you Scotty. This paradise is not just mine to have. The beauty is… this is for EVERYONE!!! The only difference those are are here and those not yet here is ONLY execution

  • I retired also. I’m from Redondo beach. I also lived in Nor Cal, El Dorado hills, Nevada city, Gold country. Love California, it’s a beautiful place. I did lots of camping along the Kern river in So Cal.
    I’ve been in Philippines Mindanao, since March 22. I’ve basically been living off my motorcycle in Mindanoa.
    I’m in PH here for the exchange rate and the early retirement. I move to Lapu-Lapu recently because I’m about to explore the Visayas and take a few trips to Thailand and Vietnam. God bless.

  • Your interview with Paul brought me to your channel. I hope you like your stay in the Philippines! With your personality, I think you’ll be alright.

  • I grew in Torrance and Redondo Beach and graduated RUHS but couldn’t afford to buy house there at that time so I bought house in Cerritos back in 1989 which now I rent out and now live here in the hills of Buenavista Bohol. Glad to be out of the US these days as has gotten so expensive to live there.

  • Hi Derek, as I promised I’m starting at the beginning. God be with you in your endeavors in the PI.

  • Hey Derek, just finally went backwards from your videos and watched this today. Interesting to watch going backwards and seeing you from the start and you motivations! very similar to mine.

  • When I make my move over there in a couple 3 years I am looking forward to trying to find a way to help people out I think it’s the right place for it and it will be the right time for me to really enjoy it as well because it does make me feel good to help people.

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