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  • I also started a YouTube channel. I have a Vietnamese fiancee in Vietnam. I am hoping to move there fulltime this year. Keep loading these videos. You will improve as you post each one. I have found that it is a slow process.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. I visit Vietnam a lot too and contemplating crossing over to Cambodia on a motorbike soon

  • Hello I Saw You intro video, I wish you best of luck on your business adventure and your new life living in the Philippines. I like this video of you riding to the SM Mall. I see it’s real crazy riding in the streets over there. Like they said in the other comment, just be careful wearing your flip-flops. I like this video so I can see the actual way it is in the streets in the Philippines. Wish you best of luck and I hope you make another one like this video in the future

    • Hi Jon. Thank you for your support of my channel. I learned the flip flop thing the hard way by getting a write up. Learned from it and no more. The riding is more intimidating visually than actuality. I made another “how to drive in the Philippines” video where I drive and talk through. I think you will enjoy it also. Another 2 hr driving video to MoalBoal

    • @Q Adventures Hi, actually I just thought that 2-hour plus video of your bike ride trip. 😁
      I don’t cry to bike because I live in a big city. But my hat’s off to you for riding over there.

  • Great idea to have your own transportation so soon after you arrived. When you bought directly from existing owner, what type of paper works were involved before you could drive ? title transfer, registration …

    • To be honest, it might be out of your comfort zone. I followed suit with the locals and just drive it while still under previous owner’s name. It’s normal here. I only switch over to my name on registration renewal

  • Good to know about the time it takes to get a certificate of registration ownership papers and the checkpoints. Narrated vlogs are helpful. Ty
    BTW, did you buy it as is or did they give you a 30-day warranty?

    • Second hand is always as is. New foes have warranties and it depends on the dealers. But these scooters are so simplistic, they are very easy to repair

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