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  • The expensive hotel we stayed during our travel was in Lucerne, Switzerland which is $500+ per night. Worth it because it is in Europe. Nice video footage. Thanks!

  • @Q Adventures. I wouldn’t pay it either Derek, coz jesus that’s expensive for one night.
    I watch another Filipina vloger and she was in Cambodia and she payed $25 a night for a beautiful room and man you should have seen the view she had, coz it was awesome.

  • Good Lapu Lapu morning you two. Thanks. I’l Pass also. I’ve seen much better for less than half that! Hope Ken got Home safely!

    • Thanks my Friend! So much hard work by so many people! Amazing! I feel good about it & I did nothing. I know you guys are busy. I was hoping to stop by wish you guys a Merry Christmas! GO EASY!@@qadventures

  • husband speaking have you been to NUSTAR casino yet ? My wife goes quite often. I have not been even
    once because I have no desire to go as I do not gamble. Wife says it is pretty nice, especially when she wins.

  • Thanks for the tour, but no thanks. I never saw the point of the fancy hotellrooms. As long as they have a essentials, having a more luxurious room does not add anything for me, so I agree, cheaper room, spend money somewhere else where they matter..

  • # 2 Some years ago – lots, we spent 3 nights in Shangri-la in Cebu, I think we spent 70,000 pesos to sleep
    and eat up in their crazy restaurant. Her relatives could not believe that we would spend so much. Once, give it
    a break folks. My first trip to the PH, we go to Manila first to visit the brother, mom-in-law comes over from Cebu
    to meet us. Two weeks there and then off to Mandaue. Taking a big ship, I wanted a room – cost was peanuts for us,
    but mom said too much. I end up in the lower part of the ship in a sea of bunk beds. Wife and mom go out to shop, I
    have to stay with our stuff. NO AC until the ship starts which turned out to be after midnight. Some years later, another
    ship ride and we get a room, then, another family with kids also move into our room. The ship double sold OUR room.
    Only in the Philippines, right ? Talk about pissed off.

    • Everything is perspective. I’ve stayed in Ritz-Carlton before. But the local economy warrants the cost and luxury. But this one hardly qualifies as luxury and the cost of 1 night equals an employee month salary, no thnaks

  • Thanks for the tour. You can rent a house for a month for the price of one night. I’m with you brother. Simple is okay with me.🙏💕

  • I am the same as you. I can’t justify spending that much when my money is needed elsewhere. Nice video Derek. Jim 🙂

    • Idk how to answer that question but it blows my mind when an employee there is being paid about about half the daily rental for their MONTHLY salary

  • Wow $600 usd is nearly $900 aud🇦🇺, similar prices here 🇦🇺too for the casino, though that’s for a room without separate bedroom. Nice tour 😊

  • Great video, Henderson NV. Green Valley Resort. U can get a room as low $80.00 night. I guess also in Philippine there are the have an have not. Take care.

    • I’ve lived in Henderson, NV for 8 yrs. Done Green Valley, Bellagio and the rest. I even prefer Rio over this inkie dink casino. It’s absurd

  • The price is peanuts compared to Nay Palad in Siargao or Amanpulo, Palawan, Philippines where rates can range from US$3,000 to US$8,500 per night.

  • I would pass on that bad deal too. I agree that the decor is quite dated, and they are dreaming to call that swimming pool a water park. Somebody who owns/manages that place has delusions of grandeur.

  • Some of the hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions here in Philippines are losing it (their mind) with these crazy inflated prices.
    So many countries in SE Asia have far better rooms for like 4,000 pesos equivalent.
    Philippines Tourism needs to get a grip because they are losing a massive amount of visitors due to the greedy prices made by some business owners here.
    Since 2013 a lot of prices have tripled or quadrupled and people are waking up and smelling the coffee, then visiting Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand etc

    • If my memory serves me well, I remember paying for 7 rooms in Vin Pearl Nha Trang on their private island for about $80 a night per room about 7 yrs back

  • Thats me if you want too go to the casino and dont live close $20.00 a nite hotel the get up and go to the casino you can have the casinos though the house always wins or 99.999 percent of the time 🙂

  • Mr. Q your little student in the mountains seems to be doing ok with her start up channel. I am impressed
    with her little stories. I bet she does ok, may take a little time but she has the desire to do well. 😄

    • I am proud of her and I will always be grateful to her as I have earned my 1st stripe with her. Her channel is earning more than her family businesses and it requires no physical labor. Although they are independent of me since, I will always be proud of her

  • I would sleep on the street under a garbage bag before spending $500+ for a night in that disgraceful Casino, while native people are scraping for a few pesos to survive.

  • Why not seek out any kind of a good goat meat meal restaurant/backyard goat cookout and make a video..🤔😏

  • Hi Derek and Ai, what happened to your latest live stream? Or do they not automatically upload after the stream finishes? Was chatting with KiwiMcOssie trying to contact each other without putting details on your livestream. Loved watching the stream and I hope that Ken pops up in the future. ♥️ I am watching most of your other videos and love what you guys are doing 🙏

    • Can I view the Ken Update video? Wand to contact KiwiMcAussie about our life changing bitcoin roller coaster adventures 😂

    • I tried to see the live update of arrival of Ken, but it said the post was private, hopefully I get to watch it some time, I guess it finished when I had the time to watch

  • Loved this tour and bugger that for 600 lol
    But I suppose if we think about it, $600 is just like small change to some people. I have heard of hotels that have rooms for $10,000-$20,000 for one night, and probably a lot more than that. 20k for one night is probably like a $20 room for me in Thailand or Cambodia 😜🚀🙏 can’t wait to do more travel in Asia..!! Love it and way more relaxed than sorry old New Zealand restrictive laws and bylaws

    • Yeah. But even if you had that “play money”, I think it will be better used for the employees that work there and take 2 months to earn enough for your 1 night

  • I don’t think it’s worth $600 for one night. I wouldn’t want to pay more than $100 per night and then use the $500 saved for other entertainment.

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