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  • I am glad to hear Ken made it. I was worried Ken seemed to be a little confused with the plastic bag of paperwork. The winter in UK will be a big change from Philippines heat. Derek and Ai are great. Hi Joe! Ken would be in terrible shape today if Derek hadn’t met him. Bernadette did best she could with an indigent elder. That is great about Ken’s social security being ok’d finally.

  • Thank you for the update. Keep up the amazing work you both do in your community, Ken definitely needed the help and if it wasn’t for the amazing people that took him under thier Angel wings❤ much blessings and enjoy a happy Xmas ❤️

  • You Derek did a lot of good for Ken, and you are a good man, however, I did not see the gratitude I expected to see from Ken. That’s just my own personal perception.

    • It’s ok. I don’t have any expectations. Behind the scene, he did offer me to be his beneficiary in case something was to happen to him. I, obviously, declined.

    • @Serendipity etc: Your “personal perception” doesn’t take into account that Ken is extremely deaf, for the most part “blind” very frail/lame and appears to be suffering a number of other ailments. He is hardly in a condition where he will leap about and perform cartwheels. His demeanour appears one of unutterable gratitude. I hope we will all be able to see Ken after he has suitably recovered from his treatments.

  • When Ken go repaid his Social Security , I hope he reimburses, you Derek for the funds you outlaid ,
    He will never be able to repay you for all the work you did to get him back on his feet ,

  • Jimbo360
    some words of wisdom from this Filipino , he never said where this happened though: Filipina Mother Warned Expat: Don’t Hire a Taxi, they might kipnap you!

  • Hi Derek and Ai, Peace of Christ with you. Never mention about the negative comments, be serene in the presence of Christ. Remember! you are a representative of Christ and I ask you to reconsider you’re approach to the masses, that does not mean be pretentious because you are what you are! Stay in prayer and continue the good work’s. Merry Christmas and stay blessed!

  • Glad I got to see the update about Ken, and also enjoy how you view life and all the good you do. Indeed don’t give any haters the attention, if they only could be as nice as you the world would be a better place. Again thank you for being yourself and sharing your stories 🥰🙏🏻🌷

  • The two of you give me hope, their are still good people in a sometimes cruel world. May god bless you and happy holidays from the state of Michigan, USA !!!!

    • I’ve met them a couple times and can testify Derek can not only make a Great cup of coffee and Ai is cuter in person and the Nieces are sweet young ladies and his Intent and Heart are Pure as they both truly want to help others and you just feel better knowing them, and want to also lend a hand. P.S. I’m from South Bend, IN on borderline with Michigan

    • If he comes back he could end up in the Same situation or Worse; especially if his mental health is declining. Money and a Support network along with good health or money to pay for that if it happens even if that means Health Insurance. so there are multiple reasons why he probably Won’t make it back as he would be much better off being taken care of in the last few months, years he has left.

  • Derek, I am Ken’s old rocking buddy, we were in a rock and roll band in the 60s, I was the vocalist, and we toured Germany at the same time as the “Beatles’ playing in the U.S, army camps..after 52 years we net up again in Cebu.

  • Just continue to extend your help to Ken ..people easily can judged but on the hand can’t help the way you rendered to Mr Ken from start till he left our country.

  • Good job brother, thank you for helping Ken. Your reward is great, here on earth and in heaven. God bless you and Merry Christmas to you and your wife.

  • That is amazing that one of Ken friend dropped in and visit you guys as we saw on the video just now. Very happy that Ken made it safely to the UK ,thank you Derek and Ai for letting us know and giving us the update thanks guys my love from Canada 🇨🇦🙏🌺 for you guys and Ken.

  • be interested where social services place him its a lottery.might highlight lack of govt retirement homes normally exploited by the private sector

  • You guys are genuinely very good hearted people. You are willing to take extra miles to help Ken including follow up and giving updates. You are very different from those youtubers who help people for the sake of viewers only without any care to follow up those whom they have helped.

  • Thank you Derek 11:27 for giving us your updates of Ken. Are hope he is in good hands and was able to have his medical treatment. God bless you for helping people in need.🙏🏻

  • Thank God, Ken got ur help, he was just fading away. I hope he gets what he needs, medically. God be with him.

  • Very good work you guys put in to help Ken get back to the UK, and Paul of course, without people like you, the guy would be still half starving bless him.. Thank the gods you came across Ken when you did.. Now half the homeless foreigners will be banging at your door lol.. Keep up the wonderful work for humanity guys. God bless you all..

    • Thank you, Margaret. I am still new in this endeavor and I guess I am still self conscious about what is acceptable and what not

  • I’m a Filipina living in UK , you both are a gift from God to mankind, that’s all I can say… I normally don’t comment on people’s blogs … but you are amazing may God bless you more… more power to you…

    • @@qadventures I’ve noticed, there are six-partner clinics/hospital in Cebu:

      1. Allegiant Regional Care Hospitals
      2. CDU SLP Cares Clinic
      3. Chong Hua Hospital Mandaue
      4. Mabuhay Deseret Foundation (Cebu)
      5. Speaktacular Therapy Center Co.
      6. Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

  • FYI for future reference, USD is the worst of the reserve currencies to travel with, I’ve had USD refused because the serial number was too old (USD is too easy to forge so people are wary of it). In Kens case GBP would have been a better currency to choose, otherwise if in doubt I would choose Euro first. Because I live in Australia I just travel with AUD as it’s also a reserve currency and is the hardest to forge.

  • What a great job you have done Derek, just hope when they rehome in it will be a supportive environment 🙏🙏💕

  • God Bless you both.. So happy Ken arrived safe and sound….. The world needs more beautiful souls like you both in it.. sending much love from Queensland Australia xx

  • I agree with using dollars they are not wanted in many places ,the value keeps dropping also , I agree with one other Euros was a better choice for the future ,he probably had to change it again regardless you have done a fantastic job , Thank you Merry Christmas

  • Oh, good! That was my concern right at the very beginning if Ken is going to receive his social security backpay he is entitled to.

    • And hopefully, although Ken said he had his UK Bank ATM card stolen,several years ago. His admittedly small UK pension, would have still been going in to his UK Bank every month . Over a few years it would add up.! Luckily living here in the Philippines. UK pensioners get the annual increase( was 10% this year alone!)

  • An applaud to her.let her keep the spirit🎉❤😊 for Gods love is great , more blessings to the whole team

  • Well done Derek for helping Ken with hisses social security and everything else. You are straight person from how you project yourself. Carry on Derek helping people ❤

  • Filipinos & Chinese and most all Asians love whyte folks. They are hateful as hell to Black people. In America to Africa. Mean as a mf. I get down with them the way they get down with me, as loevas they go

  • Derek it wud be v.dangereous to give out kens address in london, crime is bad thre, and the wrong person wud take advantage of this, only privately to those who need to know basis, i know u wudn’t know this so this is v.important to know .

    • @@qadventures i wud think kens not really with it after that long journey, he wasn’t in the best of shape leaving, ive no doubt he will get back to you after all uve done for him, age n sickness had been catching up big time!! Give him a bit of time he wont forget all uve done for him 👏 😉

  • Morning DEREK &family. Thank you for helping Ken. HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MAY MANY BLESSINGS COME TOO YOU ABD FAMILY❤❤❤❤

  • God bless you two. I always love seeing you two together so happy. Wishing you the best Christmas and even greater success in 2024. I want to plan a 3 week visit to Philippines this coming summer so are there any chances you guys can give me some ideas on where to go and where to avoid. I don’t know anyone in the Philippines except for my ex wife’s family and I won’t be communicating with them so I am basically on my own. It is a bit scary and overwhelming to think about flying thousands of miles and to be there by myself but I really need to get out of my bubble. Thanks again in advance and thank you for the great informative videos.

  • Hello Derek, thank you for helping Ken. You are really a good person. What part of England does Ken live? I wish that Ken lives near where I am so that I can visit him. I live in Surrey.

  • Hi Derek and Ai, thanks for the update on Ken. It feels like a bunch of cousins updating on our favorite Uncle’s safe travels. I am glad someone else has taken over the local follow up for Ken. Such a fascinating story. With a planet like ours and the stuff going on everywhere, it’s refreshing to see real people showing some humanity. I’m hoping the critics were only showing concern because of what happens, you know, those people mooching off the vulnerable, so, ignore it.
    Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a wonderful new year to you two, your extended families and to Joe. 🇮🇳
    If and when you do a follow up video call with Ken, hoping you share a glimpse of him with us.

    I don’t usually believe in coincidences, Ai, but I just jokingly said yesterday I need a Tshirt saying ‘Leave me alone, I’m dating a Monk.’😅 😂 (because I am listening to an actual Shaolin monk’s ways elsewhere online)

    Please don’t share Ken’s number and new address in UK, over here. Keep it private between the people actually working with Ken, unless any of us, subscribers are there and can be available for follow ups on him. Genuine donors and helpers will find a way to get in touch.

  • Im concerned because the UK govt probably may not release his UK funds to him if they discover or know he has received his USA funds?? I sure hope thats not the case. He needs all back funds from both countries to get himself settled and situated from all the hardship he has escaped and suffered. ❤ May GOD help him and continue to protect him.

  • Derek & Ai are Not only Good people with great hearts his Philanthropy Vision of “Q Gives” future Community Center and his plans for helping Filipinos in need is an example of some of the Good Works they have planned and I not only want to be a part of it I hope other Expats and viewers join in like some of the ways like they did for Ken (who anyone of us could have happe thru bad circumstances). Derek & Ai sincerity is the reason so many people assisted in helping with Ken like Bernadetta, Ryan, Paul old dog, and the lady with the vitamins as each one of us who has met Derek & Ai can testify they are the real deal and welcome you into their home, will share their food, Great coffee and uplifting conversation. Much Love and Support as Many great things are in store as the need is great in the Philippines.

  • Happy to hear the great news about Ken. Am in the UK and happy to check up on Ken if i get a location for him. You have my whattsapp number, so let me know. Thanks for all of your help Derek

  • Whenever I come across a mean person, I would think about you, Derek. Then I remember that there are very caring and considerably nice people still on this planet. You are my hero and a legend. Thank you. Blessings Be Upon Thee and Thy Seed 🙏🏽✨💜

  • Ken and Ai you are definitely God sent for Ken as he certainly would not have made it back home without you as his health was declining fast. I really feel your intervention has prolonged Kens life. Bernadette did a lot but had limited resources to give Ken all he needed including proper nutrition however her compassion and kindness kept him alive until your intervention. May God continue to bless you and Ai as you bless others in your community. Ignore the busy bodies who will always be negative regardless of the good you do. 🙏🏽❤

  • Have I missed any updates on Ken? Are you able to contact him? Thanks for everything 👍🏼♥️🇨🇦

  • I’m thankful that there’s still good people in this World! You’re a savior to helpless man. It would be nice to find out what’s happening with him now in UK. Hope he knows his way around and hope he’s in good hands. He seems to need a lot of help… Ken is old and is very vulnerable to be taken advantage of. (From Australia)

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