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  • Congratulations 🎉 Derek you are a good person! I wish you great success with your channel. You help others and I also want to do the same in the Philippines 🇵🇭. I think it’s important to give back always !
    Keep up the great effort ! 😊

  • Unlimited aircon, frequent free meals, free storage, free washing machine. only $11 a day its a great deal.

  • Q..please don’t explain yourself to those trolls..I enjoy your channel as well as others who appreciates your positive attitude and content..thank you

    • Thank you for having my back Alan. It was a moment of weakness for me as I am a father and looking forward to become legal guardian here

  • First time I see your video, I really enjoyed watching it, you doing great, can’t wait to see the next one

  • I subscribed because you came across as a genuine person, who honestly cares about the people and community you live with.
    How about letting your lady film you and encourage you to display your masculine ‘skillset’. ?😀
    Maybe show the female fila’s perspective of their daily life partner and what they bring to the table as far as the roles we play?🤔
    Most male content makers focus on the beauty of the women, and the friendliness of the islands, but rarely do you see the perspective of the natives looking back at those same foreigners and what qualifies as attractive in their eyes.
    She could follow you around for a typical day in your life and show us her bird’s eye view of you and her life together ❤️.
    Great content btw and thank you for sharing!

    • OMG!!! Never thought of that!!! We will make that happen on her channel Philippines with Ai as soon as she recovers from her accident yesterday

  • I came from Scotty, you showing Rochelle family life was a bit of an eye opener for people, particularly those that haven’t visited Philippines. I’ve been 3 times to Cebu, I explored alit of places in the city and the island. Most vloggers show the sugar coated version of life there. Keep up the great work

    • June!!! Haven’t seen you for a long time. Go back to that same office. Tell your boss I DEMAND it!!!

  • Hi, I’m due to visit the Philippines in mid May, can you please advise how best to change $ to peso. Thank you 🙏🏾

    • Of course. I’m a man of simplicity. In cebu where I am, ANY money changer will do. You are loosing about 1 to 1.5 pesos per dollar. Otherwise, you will have to do bank to bank transfers which you will need to have or trust someone REALLY REALLY GOOD. And it’s a hassle with the waiting period. Over 1 or 1.5 pesos per dollar, I just use money changer. I personally prefer the shacks on the side of the street. Most newbies feel it sketchy and dangerous. But for me.. never had a problem, no line, often better exchange rates due to low rent, and less picky with the bills you give them. I’ve been to Gaisanos and they turn down my hundred bills due to slight ink mark or a micro tear. But this is cebu though ok? I don’t know of manila.

    • @Q Adventures thanks so much for your advice, it’s really appreciated and very helpful! I’m looking forward to my first visit the Philippines 👍🏾🙏🏽

  • Congrats on the blow up dude 👍 And Ai is more than ‘nice’ 😉 I’ve also subbed to Ai’s channel.

    • Thank you Chris… wasn’t always this positive, but I made a choice to be happy and positive. That’s why I moved here. Easier to maintain the attitude of preference

  • I’m a 52 y.o. Asian dude. Subbed because your girlfriend is so beautiful. I know there’s hope for me if I was to retire in the phils.

    • There’s more than just “Hope” Darryl. I’m 45 and no Chinese Brad Pitt myself. Ai’s been with me since July ’22. I had another 50 yr old Asian dude from my home town of Alhambra visited me 2 months ago. He was in a few of my videos including the one on atv’s. Young beautiful ladies flock behind the scenes. Girls here doesn’t prioritize based on vanity, Gucci this and Prada that. More practical here, especially in the provinces

  • Hello Derek, I really enjoyed your channel and learning about the Philippines people and its culture. Looking forward to a visit next year.

  • Hi Derek, I have watched you previus videos, remember you smoking 🚬 and you said you would try to give up.
    Anyway good luck.
    Yes i saw the videos With Scotty boy, enjoyed.
    I see you have accommodation there and motorcycle rentals, how we contact you ? If and when we in you area.
    Appreciate you feed back, cheers from Australia

    • Hi Glenn. I have a few forms of contacts within my “About” section. You are more than welcome to choose any method. But just in case, my usa number is +1-626-626-6347. But only use it for whatsapp or messenger. I don’t answer if it’s a straight call becoz it’s too expensive of a call for me

  • Would never of seen your channel if it wasn’t for Scotty the Regular guy. Super enjoying your content I’ve subbed and glad I did. If I can give you a tip, Never feed the trolls. Two types of trolls, 1. The ill-informed 2. The joker (To them they find humor in making you feel uncomfortable and feed off your response). It’s the internet Derek you’ll never please everyone. A blind man can see your a very nice humble guy. When I make it to the Phills I will for sure rent a room and moped from you. You seem like a Great dude Derek. Keep on vlogging mate.

    • There’s many things you can learn from him as well. I meet Derek as well in Lapu2. The Jeepes are a great way to get around, and cheap as well.

    • @testcrashdummy I feel so bad that your comment just popped up now. Thank you for the wisdom and Scotty Boy is a good friend now. As my channel grow, I do get trolls and, of course, I ignore them. I just find it humorous with some of the troll comments is all.

  • You strike me as a caring, humble person and your content is interesting so, I did my small part to help you by subscribing and hitting the like button. Good luck with your channel!

  • I came here from your appearance on Regular Guy. Keep up the good work. The Philippines and their people are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your charitable works in the community.

  • Hey Gary it’s Bobby from Cincinnati Ohio USA I’m coming out your way in about ten months love your channel

  • OK, I did not know that comments of four words or more help your channel. Of course, wish you much success!

    • Apparently, someone at YouTube decided less than 4 words is irrelevant 😁 thank you for your support

  • I was Regular Guy’s 89th Sub right at a year ago, and seeing his channel growth kinda validates what I saw in him at the start. Him using his platform to help shine the light on smaller content creators out there! Keep up the great work, my friend!

    • I do have a donation link on the description but I will do the “buy me a coffee” as you suggested. Thank you for the support

  • I would like to stay at your place, it’s so affordable and close to the big resorts for day use. Btw, my family sponsored two Vietnamese families from refugee camps in the 80’s.

    • On behalf of my people, I am grateful. As for my place, just reach out to me via my contact info within my “About” section and we can work out the logistics. I also have contacts within the resorts for great pricing if you were interested in activities like diving, jetski, etc

    • @Q Adventures you are very nice, your prices are very affordable and I appreciate your service.

      When I was a high school freshman I met a young man named Quang, he was older, but presented himself as 16 years old. We became friends and my parents adopted him and his older brother. Long story short, my parents got into things and helped out. On a personal note my father was never in the draft by fortunate means, but felt a obligation to help the cause.

      I’m not here to debate, just know that most Americans wish the best for all people. Maybe that sounds crazy, but it’s true. Best wishes to you my friend.

  • It always amazes me how people love to make negative comments based on one video. You don’t have to explain yourself because your real subscribers have watched your previous content and know what your channel is all about. 🌴

    • Thank you for that… understand the person for him and not over 1 photo that was the choice of the subject right?

  • Thanks Derek, for looking after foreigners….we are used to being pillaged in the west. God willing I will be booking one of your rooms in July or August.

    • It’s my pleasure. We have a pretty big and supportive expat communities here and I am only 1 contributer

  • any chance of a vid about camote islands, and what rentals, services and products available there, how liveable it is there?

  • Congratulations, Derek! I first discovered your channel when your partner was being interviewed on Filipina Wanderer. All the best to you and your channel and godspeed, Sir Derek ✌️😎💯

  • I learned about your site through Regular Guy, and I am glad he stayed with you! Love your channel! I will be visiting Cebu at the end of July. I might want to rent a motorcycle for a few days! I hope I will have the opportunity to meet you.

    • Although I rent out motorbikes, you are welcomed to visit even without the rental. We also often hold event ls like meet and greets. If you see something that interests you while you’re here, you are more than welcome to participate. If not, come visit and I will make you a coffee

    • My pleasure Gil. Continue to consume my videos for entertainment purposes and you are helping a great deal

    • @KC985 for terms less than 6 months, you are more restrictive to platforms like airbnb. Most, if not all, landlords would love to rent to a foreign national, but require a minimum 6 month lease agreement, 2 month security and 1st month rent. You can also go to Mactan Newtown without most of these requirements but you are paying 40k to 60k per month rent. Extremely high, but the comfort and luxury might be worth it to you. Never experienced it myself. If you don’t mind a room rental situation, I and a few others I know rent out rooms within their homes. Speaking for myself, I have aircon in the rooms, 150mbps internet, queen sized bed for only 600 pesos per day. Straight up. No contract, utilities included, etc.

    • I’m sorry… please forgive me as I try to respond to everyone and I get caught up sometimes. Can you send me a private message via whatsapp? I’m not happy that I didn’t address you properly

  • Although Im not a subscriber but I have viewed your videos for awhile now along with sharon lapu lapu. I am happy that you have both have videos with scott. I suggest he does a video with cebuana123 also.👍

    • I thank you, nevertheless, for watching my content Timmy. I also have videos of adventures in the wilderness that you might night

  • Manifesting for Q adventure sir&mam road to silver play button…congrats to all the success very much deserve♥️♥️♥️

  • Well done! I subbed and hope we’ll meet one day. I live in Duma but might fly to Cebu some time. (I am also a YouTuber 😉

    • John. Come out to Chikahan on May 5. We are heading to duma tomorrow and hosting a meet and greet. At minimum, it’s a free dinner.

  • Hi hello love your channel, I am retired Marine I live in the Philippines for over 12 years I love everything about the Philippines. I spend most of my time in Manila, Balibago and Subic Bay . Never been to Cebu but would love to visit for a month or two.

    • Yeah. Cebu is cool also. Let me know when you are ready to make that trip and whatever I can help with

  • Ahhh your the famous Derick that Scottie Boy was talking about,,,,,, glad i subscribed,,,, wishing you all the success in the world !!!

    • Not famous at all. Scottie is just a great human being and I had the pleasure of hosting him for a month

    • @Q Adventures , He said the exact thing about you,,,,, i guess your both right,,,, keep those videos coming,,, i will always like them !!!

    • I try to acknowledge every subscriber while it is still possible with my growing channel. Thank you for you subscription and support of my channel

  • Congratulations Derik you deserve it. When I visit the Philippines I will stop by and say hi and maybe stay with you and rent a bike.

  • New sub here love your content and positive vibes thanks for helping people in need that says alot about you bro keep pushing forward

    • Thank you for the encouragement. It DOES feel good to see the result. I’m living my happiest life with all my subscribers dinply watching my content. 🙏

  • Derick, you brought up that you have a beautiful little girl friend~You are most likely the happiest man in the world, she is absolutely gorgeous~Both of you stay safe~William~USA

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