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  • This is so sad , and the holidays are upon us, I pray the good Lord will send help so they can be comfortable once more.

  • I Pray All Of the families can find sponsors to help them rebuild their homes. Thanks for sharing this tragedy so people are aware of the need there. 🙏💕😇

  • I must say that it is great how you show the community and the amazing people. You treat everyone with great respect and are able to show the real Philippines.

  • That’s so sad. I don’t know why they would rebuild since its someone else’s land. The land owner can still drive them out after they spend their time and energy rebuilding. Doesn’t make sense.

  • It’s heartbreaking to see the devastation, but heart-warming to see the indomitable human spirit of Filipinos. May your video spotlight the attention needed to bring assistance for the rebuilding work.
    I hope they have more than rice to eat. Some good foods would bring strength and happiness which are needed for recovery from this.
    Thank you for your informative report.

  • Wow, Derek. What a video.
    Very fortunate it was during daylight!
    I don’t imagine that the bomberos, had much chance of coping with all that vast area, si basically let it burn. As you say the heat must have been enormous.
    Good the authorities, are at least helping with some aid.
    Would hate to think, it was started deliberately!
    Always amazes me, even living in such circumstances, Filipinos, always manage a smile!!
    Have some good friends along the road from us.
    Squatting in their little home built shack , on an abandoned/ basically a dump and jungle, lot.
    The owners sold it for a million pesos!
    The new owners, gave 10, 000 pesos, to our friends to relocate. Fortunately others of their family , had some spare space for the family( with 4 kids!) to move in!
    Edwin, the father, now has a permanent job, in a rice mill, so in a way it was a blessing!
    I think you will be shocked, how much materials are these days!!
    Blessings , to Cris and his family, who I think, will benefit from your human interest and generosity!

  • there still able to joke and smile with so much personal devastation that surrounds them…strong people!

  • Have to commend the firefighters for their hard work with the limited equipment and resources they have, it could have been so much worse, like it was in Cavite. Also have to commend the Filipino people for their drive and perseverance in the face of tragedy.

  • Thank Derek, that was very informative, and yes, the people are amazing and inspiring, able to show a stranger a smile.
    Your heart is a beacon.

    • No. I want my channel to grow organically. Viewers to tune in because they want to and not because of a card. I also want to keep a low profile locally as you can understand the more locals know of my body of work, the more unwelcome attention I will get

  • I’ve been following this. I still haven’t seen anything in the news to suggest there was a crime. Derek have you seen anything to suggest it was deliberate?

  • # 3 I was in Island Mall on Monday, first time away from our compound. I am much happier not being part of city
    traffic even as a passenger. Suspicious fires, – about 25 years ago, there were at least a million old car tires, piled next
    to the city dump, how to get rid of them ? City couldn’t figure out a way – some how the rubber caught fire,
    and burned for a couple months. Smoke covered the city of Everett, Wash. , streams of liquid rubber ran into the
    water system. Of course no one ever was charged. Getting rid of squatters – even those who sign a contract to move
    when asked is always a problem. We had a large lot in Mandaue and mom-in-law rented spots for folks to build small

    movable homes for 300 pesos a month. ( I spent that much on coffee at work each day, of course years ago.) My wife and
    I wanted the land back. No one wanted to move unless we paid them. ( not in my life time ) My wife gave them a month as
    she hired over a dozen workers, to fence the entire lot. She said by the end of the month, I will close the LARGE metal gates
    and lock them, be gone. They were gone – not happy but they signed contracts that they did not have the honor to comply with.

  • # 4 I think the gov’t will redesign the area and make sure the pathways in and around the area are wide enough for
    fire trucks to get in. Most poor housing areas build up so tight that no safety equipment can get in to put out a fire.

  • # 5 such a huge area, out of sight, out of mind, with out your video we would not know the extent of the damage.

  • They had little to start with but now even less..
    Just a smile, shorts and a T-shirt..
    Years of pain ahead for them now..
    No matter what they do in life, there is always something to knock them down every time.

    Looks like you might have found a new philanthropy project..
    Where the hell do you and the missus get your energy??

  • Very sad 😢 at least they’re allowed to continue living there, it’s sad people died, 😢
    If a true government official says they can rebuild, that’s one thing, however, if it’s just hearsay/gossip that would be another cruel blow. Be careful.
    So nice to see people still being happy considering what they’ve lost and went through 😢

  • Nothing is cheap to build anymore. Roofing always seems to be a bigger expense. Close to $1k each house to rebuild would be a quick guess. On the cheapest estimate would be blue tarps and poles for shelter from rain, maybe in lower $100’s. Very sad this happened.

  • Wow. It’s like a war zone. If the government is helping people in the area and allowing them to rebuild in the same spot, it may not be an intentional fire. Then again, this would be the best time for a corporate builder to ask the government to purchase that land while it’s in this condition and get the residents to move somewhere else. ????????

  • Seems like cement blocks are the cheapest or cement walls. A contractor could tell you in 5 seconds. The rooms are not that big and might be less if you focus on one main room and not extra bedrooms.

  • Seems like most of the structures were cement and block, if the fire did that damage hat fast I could only imagine what it would do to a community like LJ or Marylynn’s that seem to be mostly wood. Concrete block retains moisture and will actually explode under very high heat which is why fire block and bricks used in fireplaces and brick ovens are different. i seen somewhere that a cement mixer ran about 1K US there and a hollow block maker was a little cheaper I think, hollow blocks I think are about 15 pesos each but with a project of that size it may be worth it to try to raise funds for the mixer and block maker and mix concrete in bulk on iste.

    • It’s rampant, bro. These areas use old extension cords over proper wiring. With a leaky roof, it’s a ticking time bomb

  • Wow an other great video from you Derek! You always concern about people and trying to help. God bless you Man ❤.

  • old man speaking – side comment – the last little video from Gel when she was giving our her Christmas gifts to
    her class mates, – her dress was pretty fancy for a mountain girl, I am only guessing that she never had one like
    that before her little channel. She was looking quite the pretty young lady. Another bonus for you.

    • Her family’s business had never made partial of what her channel is making now. Although we are no longer in communication, I am proud of her

  • Wow! I’m surprised they’re victims of a fire and lost everything but still smiling and laughing. Great people❤

  • There is more damage there than in the middle east war zones! So graphic- Well done Ai and Dereck-a real good documentary

  • I know that the government have helped with some clothing and rice.
    But if it cost say £1,000 to rebuild each house on average, that would not be a massive amount for the government to find and donate.
    Probably most wooden structures would cost a good bit less and multiply by the 1,300 homes.
    The total amount is minuscule compared to what the government pay towards a proposed new bridge at Cavite

  • That is absolutely heartbreaking Derek and Ai. I have always admired the resolution the Filipino’s demonstrate to us Westerners. How they just smile and get on with it, regardless they have no money. Bob.

  • Very sad to see this and sorry for those who lived here. We better asking help from all YouTubers for help. Watching from Palau Islands.

  • Before helping to rebuild, I would suggest to wait until the government is done with the reblocking…and if they’re illegal setttlers, that will be another problem. Rice/food/clothing is ok for now, but not building materials. Just my honest opinion. Thanks for sharing this vlog, now we got to see the interior of this huge fire.

  • Maybe i missed something you said someone bought the land and they were going to have to move so what would be the point in rebuilding in the same location ?

  • Thanks Derek and Ai for this sad and unfortunate story just before Christmas. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

  • How so many families can loae everything and yet still have a smile when they have no way to rebuild any time soon is bizarre. Here in the States every Karen would be on the local news crying and blaming everybody and demanding ‘someone’ needs to give her a new house. Tragedy builds strength in some. Helplessness in other. Interesting how the people with nothing get stronger and the people with everything break down. God Bless.

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