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  • You are a great man sterlite I respect tha and you teach the people in the US on how to act I respect Asian people they are so loyal I want me Asian wife

    • Hahah. Love it. There’s a plenty here. You will love my next video being released tonight (Philippines time)

  • Digging the raw uncut video! You’re a good man with great intentions. Your plans are great and hopefully Gel will get her channel going with the help and mentoring by the both of you. Gel has a bright future ahead of her with your guy’s help. Again Keep up the awesome work from the both of you and not skipping any ads. Peace brah!🤘 salud 🍻

  • You are totally correct in your thinking my friend. I can relate, and tempering the impact of sudden “wealth” is a good idea. Keep up the great work.

  • U been doing awesome job bro, keep doing it, to make the difference in society its what its matter, who ever said its illigal to do that, i been watching other 2 or 3 different channels and they doing the same, getting donations and helping people, those who doesnt want u to do that is because they maybe happy to see people suffering and sturbing from hunger, so again, keep doing it, blessings and all the good vibes for u, PRIME CREATOR WILL REWARD U IN BIG SCALE🙏💙😇

    • I appreciate you looking out for me, but Fit4Survival has a great point also. I can’t deliver my intentions while sitting in a filipino jail. I also spoke with my filipino attorney and he concurred. I love you all

    • @Fit4Survival it is a great misunderstanding and you are absolutely right. Subs can continue to contribute to my cause by supporting my channel and not designate their donation to a specific person

    • @ManWithNoName i understand so well, as i know who play the roles behind the the one who make the law, thing that the 90% of population in this evil world really ignored, but im agreed, the last thing we want is him to be involved in a (legal problems) i wish the best for him, and let me tell u some, he is now protected from above, so no matter if those demons make more evil rules against that, what PRIME CREATOR protects nobody can touch it, and he is the one, thanks for ur commment😇💙

  • Thanks for helping the needy people ❤❤ you’ve such big heart, God bless you 🙏 🙌🍀 stay safe 😊🩷

    • It’s not just me. I only document and narrate it. Without this very community, none of this is possible

  • I think your plans concerning Jil are on target & the right way to proceed. Thanks for all the positive you do in PH !!

    • My family owes a great debt to the filipino people as we were in the refugee camp in Bataan back in 86

  • I truly believe this is just the beginning of your channel growing like crazy my friend. You two make an incredible team & many great things to come for you both!

  • I totally understand and agree with the position that donating money to locals could make them become independent on that income.

  • I made a donation through PayPal, hope you received it. I just wanted to donate towards gel’s birthday.

    • Thank you Darryl. I will be documenting the roast pig tomorrow minus the slaughter and the pool party Saturday

  • You’re both living the very best life in the Philippines and all those selfless good deeds are reflected in your smiles. The apostle Paul wrote these words in Acts 20: 35 I have shown you in all things that by working hard in this way, you must assist those who are weak and must keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus, when he himself said: ‘There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. 🎶Gawing langit ang mundo🎶Magita taya mamaya 👋

  • You can still collect donations. You just need to find a local charity that you like and have the donations collected and distributed through them.

    • I am not in favor of “organizations” Terry. I can also simply set up my own, but I don’t want donations to pay for office space, salaries, and be told what to do with accountants and bookkeepers. I also don’t want to cut anyone off (depending on law) because they turned adult age. I want the freedom to do as I see fit and pursue the long play

  • I would suggest it be done through the Catholic Church…
    But then again, they invented “Trickle Down” Benevolence!

  • That is a great ideal I think that she could impart a lot of wisdom to that young lady. Keep up the good work. I have adopted the Philippines also you can’t help it. They are a beautiful group of people

    • Yes, I was at her school event yesterday and all her little friends came and interact. Silently in my head, I am already picking out some leaders for my next feature after Gel gets her channel up and monitized

  • I am two months and 10 days away from my move to the Philippines. Your video and others is what keeps me excited about the move. Looking forward to the new video about the day in the life of the Filipino merchant. Appreciate your generous heart and your good ideas for videos. Keep up the good work.

    • I am super excited for you!!! Do things to distract yourself ok? Don’t countdown the days!! And thank you much

    • @Q Adventures Thanks as I too am trying not to count down but selling the house and visiting and traveling a few islands and coming with Buddy and his Filipina wife

  • rather than raising money for one family or child why not raising money for a new school building or medical centre

    • That is a great cause, but I am only 1 man. My passion is to help 1 family at a time to become self proficient and efficient so they can help me help others. By involving myself in a big project as you say will dilute my attention and resources. You have a great point and many others already do that so I feel my work is justified

  • I think that law was created as there were people who exploited poor people and got rich of them. They took donations but kept most of it themselfs. Unfortunanly people who only want to help can get into trouble from it. However there is a way around it. You are not allowed to GIVE away the money, but there is no law again for instance buy a banana from them for 5 000 php. Or pay a big sum of money as a fee for servises made, like that little girl showing you around.

    Taking contributions from others to buy a banana for as much money as possible should also be legal I think.

    • It is and your are correct. But I am not keen on instant enrichment. I am in it for the long play. Mentor them on financial responsibilities and help those who are receptive to become independent

  • Hello again from Atlanta, GA. I think personally and this is my own experience and opinion that many cannot understand this level of poverty. I grew up in poverty but this is hard for even myself to understand in 2023. I’ve been to Japan, Guam, South Korea, and rural America and there’s alot poverty even in the developed world. The red tape to helping people is frustrating but it does serve it’s purposes as you’ve explained well. Poverty is often a rut that there’s very few ways out of. Many have no way out at all. The joy I see in your videos of the Philippines people, yourself, and your family together makes me want to come visit there and stay awhile. Plus it’s like four hours from South Korea so my wife can visit home without flying fifteen hours from ATL. May God bless your helping others and life always! We love your channel and content!

    • Sadly I think the real reason for the laws is to prevent fraud. There are sadly many people who will take donations and only spend a fraction of the donations on the project and pocket the rest. I know for a fact Q isn’t doing that, but I’ve seen it happen over and over again here in the US. But as life goes, it’s the corrupt jack wagons that ruin it for everyone else.

    • I highly encourage you staying for a while. It’ll give you great perspectives. For your wife, I live in k-town here in Lapu-Lapu. So practicing her native tongue is readily available

    • I’ve experienced this myself here in the Philippines. Organizations I was previously involved with were more motivated in my cash donations that my free skilled labor in sales and marketing. So I branched off on my own and highly satisfied

    • @Q Adventures that’s great! she’s been in the US for 15 of the last 20 years. We took our daughters to live in Korea for five years and now they all speak Korean also. Now that they are headed off to college we can explore.

  • I look forward to the birthday party. I understand that you use the money as you see fit. Keep up the good work.

  • Just a thought… why not set up a non-profit entity? Maybe consult with Public Assistance Office (PAO) in your municipality. Hopefully they could help you be a legitimate non-profit organization? Just my 2 cents. I do enjoy your vlogs. Take care always

    • Sadly the process looks to be a complicated one involving multiple gov orgs for registration & additional requirements for certification. That in addition to the requirement of depositing 1 million pesos (close to $18k) in a Filipino bank.

    • Never crossed my mind. My time and effort goes towards people who are receptive. Not to pay salaries, fees and answering to board members. I enjoy being able to contribute 100% of my PayPal and BuyMeCoffee earnings and not mess with regulatory entities

    • And it disinterest me to jump through all these hoops and time to put restrictions on myself and my benefactors

  • Derek,
    Keep doing what makes you happy & enjoy the special moments in the Philippines.
    Thumbs up Brother..

    • Thank you. I feel I have all the best already, but will take your good wishes for tomorrow and beyond 😇

  • That’s what happened to Justin Backpack 🎒 backpack the Justin keeps receiving money $$$$$ from subscribers and even door to door 🚪 boxes 📦 from abroad he is always being seen withdrawing money 💰 from the bank 🏦 and giving money 💰 to the family in needs. one ☝️ subscriber even give money to buy land for his girlfriend family and everyone is happy happy joy joy 🤩 and the next thing we know Justin the Backpack 🎒 he is announcing to his YouTube channel is his no longer accepting donations from the subscribers 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣. I think The raw facts vlog are the responsible reporting Justin maybe 🤔.🤣😂🤣😂

  • Are you/we allowed to donate basket balls etc to Gels village? Gel is a star and its nice to start somewhere to help her and village in a legal safe way, a lot of these kind of videos seem all over the place so yes Gel and her village is a good place to start seems to me ,, Your one of the good guys Bro

    • Anywhere Philippines is cool. CEBU is just statically ideal for me being in the dab center of the country. Easier for me to go any direction

  • Yes everything in the Philippines is easier know that America wants to make everybody poor by raising it all the money up higher affordable housing becoming non affordable

  • 2:50 They also have not so much allergies because most of them are psychosomatic.. 😉

  • Gave me great idea to move there and supplement my income there. One option to add to your gym routine is training in Arnis. Not only self defense, but exercise. Cebu is where Grand Masters are. Would love video on that.

    • I’m not at the grand Master level, even in training. More like spar with a white belt level

  • You are boots on the ground so you know what is possible or not … BUT .. I wish Gel and Marilyn and your lady could get together …, It seems it would really help Marilyn and upgrade her skills … #justAthought

    • Marylyn and Gel lives 4 hours from one another so that wouldn’t work logistically. But Ai will do about 2 vids with Gel as practice for Gel while we will help her develop her own channel with guidance from her parents

    • @Q Adventures Gel’s dad speaks good English like Gel and appears to be very supportive… glad to see parents involved…

  • We’ll since you have a small business in the P.I., how hard is it to go legal and apply for a nonprofit organization license to continue your work legally?

    • It’s simple. But I don’t want to do that. If I do that, it means a large percentage of donations will go towards operational expenses including salaries of people I don’t care to work with. And I don’t want to ask permission from board members to satisfy what my heart wants

  • Derek found out about your channel thru Scotty Boy aka Regular Guy, and man I got a bro crush on you and what you do!

    Keep the good work coming man!

    Greetings from Sweden

    • Haha!!! Love bromancing. As long you don’t ask me to hook pinkies, we good😊

      Scotty Boy is my idol and someone I consider friends for life. Thank you for coming over to support my channel also

  • Also, be careful giving out too much info on Gel. I’m sure most of the subscribers/viewers are decent people, but there are always weirdos lurking in the background. Wouldn’t want to hear bad news about some guy trying to take advantage of her because of her age. I liked how you gave her good advice, such as don’t trust people right away as they might not be good people.

    • Yes, thank you Christopher. I already have 2 of these weirdos. I know my obligations to Gel and her family and we had extensive conversations about it. To reassure you, her family lives 45 minutes up a labyrinth of mountain off roads and everyone carries 2 machetes (1 large 1 small] bcoz they are farmers. Let alone, the community is infamous for gunmaking. You can be at ease and I do all I can to exercise precautions

    • @Q Adventures  Good to hear the family is geared up for protection. I have no doubt that you are doing the right thing. We can see that by how you interact with people. I just wanted to say something after hearing some horror stories about what happens to some of these young women in the Philippines. She seems like a bright and happy kid. One weirdo could mess that up for a kid. Anyway, keep up the good work brother!

  • it is ok to have someone sponsor once.. however, if that money is a regular thing to a particular family or person. Yes, can create legal action if it doesn’t continue after I think it is more than 6 months.

    But one time or small irregular gratuitous actions will not create any legal problems.

    • Thank you for that Clay. It’s the long play for me so I listen to my attorney’s advice. And I don’t give cash money

  • Isn’t that called tourism. Why would that be illegal? I guess there must be a way to register that type of exchange. The USA has more bureaucracy for little things. Gel deserves any profit from her charming video. I would think giving her a laptop would be a good compensation to help with school etc. if it’s Philippine law then he has to do his due deligence and obey the laws that antedated him. This is a really good guy who apparently had a tough childhood being a Vietnamese refugee.

    • Thank you Jerome. My philanthropy work is my hobby. I don’t want to get involved with government and institutions which I know will corrupt the integrity of what I am doing. When organized you have salaries, rent and utilities to pay. Operating on my own terms, all goes towards potentials that I see. And I am in it for the long play. I don’t care if my beneficiary turns adult age. I want to see things through

  • Hi Derek and Ai.. I found your channel back in April,, and admire your courage to move and succeed in the PH,, and even more so your philanthrophy and heart.. It’s great of you 2 to notice the child has something special and help her potential for future income through youtube or some sort of media.. Keep up the good work.. I will be in your neighborhood 8-10ish August.. As I plan my trip,, I hope to meet with you or possibly stay in one of your rooms.. Take care…

    • @Q Adventures thanks.. My gf and I would like to arrange a stay in one of your rooms.. I sent an email to the address in your youtube channel on Fri.. Thanks..

  • You’re doing great job helping others man, I also live In Lapu Lapu and I try to support Ukraine with my extra cash to put an and to this war.
    We all do what we do right.
    Hopefully we meet one day just to say Hello.

    P.S. about your statement that we help pinoy and they show their appreciation, my experience was when I helped my ex workers family I got screwed and also on one more occasion. I’m not saying all people are the same I’m just sharing my experience thus far.

    • For sure. Evil occurs everywhere. But my experience has been different from yours and I feel bad. Stop by sometimes and I make you a vietnamese coffee

  • That’s messed up. If someone “Donates” to you, and you decide to give it to someone else, who gives a damn? I guess you shouldn’t mention where the money comes from in the video. WE will “wink wink” know and not care to be mentioned.

    • 🤣 love your attitude. But it’s my obligation to fully disclose to my subs ad most of them tie in instructions with their donations. I don’t wanna do anymore dirty either, wink wink

    • @Q Adventures I was just saying that when I donated to Vloggers, I don’t care what they’re doing with it, and don’t need any shout out to validate the reason I sent in the first place. Better to not wind up in jail for helping out people less fortunate.

    • I’m here now. We’ve been preparing since 10am this morning. Always 4pm now and about to pick up Gel. I got you tomorrow bro. I won’t do you all dirty like that

  • Hi, I’m about to Subscribe to your Channel but when I checked it, I found out that you and your Family were Refugees back then and that means you’re not a Pilipino, tho you look one ‘coz of your Asian facial features. Having said that may I know your Ethnicity.

  • Hey Derek, I think we all understand. My suggestion is maybe you can do some kind of raffle similar to what Calvin does, but keep up your philanthropic ventures. I’m over in Costa Rica right now, but I’d rather be back in the Philippines.

  • Such a good move to back away from Gel and turn the topic over to a local woman. Great video topics coming up.

  • Incredibly self-aware and humble of you to admit, and acknowledge what you have here.
    You’re going to do well, I believe. Keep it up.
    All the best to you all!

  • Listen to your attorney on this one. You are correct that you are not allowed to solicit donations. Be careful about saying you’ll use money you get for charity work even though it is your choice. That’s a fine line. This law is intended to stop people from soliciting donations without being a recognized charity. There are lots of people who receive money for charity work but they don’t solicit from viewers. Be clear in your description. You say voluntary donations in your description. A donation typically has a purpose. It might be better to say the donations are for the channel.

    • Very valid point on the word play. I am so grateful. I will change the wording 1st opportunity I get to sit down

  • What sort of off road dirt adventure riding opportunities and groups are in the Phillipines.

  • Smart way as Volunteering and helping as there are Thousands of Gels in the Philippines but you brought her into our lives and got a rare chance to help not only her but her entire community. Her starting a YouTube channel and interviews from ai talking to Gel will be life changing after getting them the internet connection close by. And give a shout out to her families store as it could turn into a “Tourist Hot spot” Keep Going brother as your doing Good things

    • Thank you for gracing my channel like this. As Gel is prepared to be independent, I have 3 great stories coming in the next 2 weeks

  • You’re a good man, I have heard this b4 about being a charity from another gentleman’s YouTube channel, I subbed too Gels channel, having some difficulty understanding everything Gel seems a little shy but she’ll get used to it, I think she needs to introduce her family in an episode and Q I don’t know who your partner is?

    • Hi Ted. You probably got it mixed up. Gel is the 12 yr old sweetie that doesn’t have a channel yet until mid July. Ai is my girlfriend that you have probably subbed to. But yeah. I try to be good, Ted. Life has treated me well and it’s much easier to do philanthropy work in the Philippines. The community is much more receptive and I don’t have to worry about lawsuits for being a good person

    • @Q Adventures She does have a video with your g/f https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClKFZNULYfw

  • Unfortunately what you said about lottery winners is real. A sudden windfall of CASH can change your life for the better at first. But if you don’t know how to manage money it could end in disaster. The same could happen to a young Filipina who dates an expat and she stops working, but at some point the relationship ends and she’s out on the street with no money and no job.

    • I’ve seen quite a bit of that. The clash of dating cultures. Western society is accustomed to casual dating. The Filipinas fall hard

    • In reality, you can’t. I’m just a stranger in cyber space. I only ask that you continue watching my channel and, maybe, I can earn that trust

  • Requesting and receiving donations for them could also be looked at like you’re pimping them out for monetary gains on their disparity, their situation and other interests. Even though if you claim that the proceeds 100% goes to them, you are the organizer, and in most cases the organization gets a cut in some sort or manner. You would still receive your royalties from the content which is the primary media conceptional tool in delivering the request.

  • If you ever do find a way to start something like a non-profit, look into getting a plastic extruder and form press near a community with high plastic polution. You can pay local people to pick up the rubbish and convert it into things like low quality constuction boards (low weight and temp. resistance) or even drink coasters and the like which can be sold and donated/reinvested. They are not cheap, I think they start close to $1,200 for the bottom rung, and you’d want the $2k+, but this startup business really does change a community. #2 plastic in the US, or food grade only, I believe, so that point must be properly communicated.

    • Although a worthy cause, that’s not my fight. I am more vested in individuals and helping families become financial independence. So they can do what you mentioned and not worry about the next meal

    • We need to grow your channel. I’ll start messaging random guys I follow on Instagram and see who responds. Set up some collabs and start doing Live shows for superchats once you’re a rock star. You’re one of the good ones.

    • @Q Adventures  Sorry if I cone across as passive aggressive with my suggestions. I’m merely throwing ideas to the wind to see if anything sticks. I just can’t wait for your next video 😀

    • Not passive aggressive at all. We are good, brother…. just explaining my position and not lead you to believe I am on board where my passion is elsewhere